Tarte Maracuja Oil vs. Nude ProGenius Rescue Oil

Facial oils are all the rage right now; but we all have some questions when a products becomes super popular: Which one do I buy? How do I use it? Which brand is best for my skin? Why is it so expensive?!

I decided to do a little showdown between two facial oils that I’ve heard a lot about. In the blue corner, we have Tarte Maracuja Oil and in the red corner, the fierce opponent Nude ProGenuis Rescue Oil; Who will be the winner?!

I have broken this down into a few categories:

  1. Price & Availability
  2. Packaging
  3. Smell & Texture
  4. Uses
  5. Effectiveness/ Would I buy again?
  1. Price & Availability:


Full size bottle (1.7oz) -$48 — Available at Ulta, Sephora and Tartecosmetics.com

Travel size bottle (.5 oz)- $15 — Available at Ulta, Sephora and Tartecosmetics.com


Full size bottle (1oz) -$78 — Available at Sephora and Nudeskincare.com

Travel size bottle (.17 oz)- $12.95 — Available on eBay or Amazon*

*I received a travel size Nude oil during the holidays, Sephora had a a kit with a travel sized lotion and oil for $25. I haven’t seen that package since)

Because the tarte oil is more readily available  is different sixes and at different location, i would have to say Tarte is the winner of this category! (Not to mention the price is way more affordable!)

2) Packaging:

Both products have great packaging. Glass bottles with dropper tops, which have a button on top so you can control the amount of product you want to dispense. The nude bottle is clear and the Tarte bottle is purple. however they are both clear enough glass that you can see how much produce you have left. I would say one product is outshining the other in this category. 

3) Smell and Texture


Tarte oil is clear and doesn’t smell like anything really. At first I thought it was kin of strange, but it is a good thing because scented products can be very overbearing n the face, especially around the eyes, nose and lips. The texture is great, obviously oils are very slick and slippery, but this product is more than that. The smallest amount of this product goes a VERY long way.


Nude oil is yellow and has the most amazing earthy scent! I love the way this product smells, but if you aren’t a fan of herb-y, organic scents, I wouldn’t suggest this for you. The texture is gorgeous! I love the formula of this product, it is slick like the Tarte oil, but this isn’t was greasy or slippery. The Nude oil soaked into my skin rather quickly compared to the at rte oil, which seemed to sit on top of the skin more than absorbing into it. For the reason, Nude is the winner of this category! 

4) Uses:

I started out using facial oils during my nighttime routine. After my face is cleansed, toned and moisturized, I will add 2-4 drops of oil on my face and lightly pat the oil around using my fingers.


  1. The tarte oil is very slick and takes a little while to set into the skin, I do feel like I ended up wiping a lot of it onto my pillow. My skin felt great in the morning, there was still oil residue under my eyes and around my nose.

2. This product also works great during your makeup application! I will paint my     foundation on with a foundation brush. From there, I will add 1-2 drops of the Tarte oil to a dampened beauty blender and start to blend out my foundation. This work great if you are going for a dewy finish! I would advise to use the oil sparely as it does dilute your foundation.


  1. The nude oil penetrated my skin a lot quicker than the Tarte Oil. I did have visible residue on my skin when I woke up because I feel like it was absorbed by my skin throughout the night.
  2. The Nude oil did not work with my makeup quite as well. I think the texture of this may be why. The Tarte oil sits on the skin and it worked when blending my foundation. The Nude oil absorbed into the skin while I was blending and didn’t give me the smoothest coverage.

Because of the versatility of the Tarte Oil, it is the winner of this category. 

5) Effectiveness/ Would I buy again?:

Both of these products work amazing! I can’t really choose one over the other in this particular category because I love both of them for different reasons. I would 100% buy both of these products again! I have been using the tarte oil with my makeup in the morning, but I do tend to always lean towards my Nude Oil after I wash off my makeup for the night.


Tarte Maracuja Oil won 2/5 of these categories

Nude ProGenus Rescue il won 1/5 categories

I couldn’t choose a winner for 2/5 categories because I love both so much!

From the breakdown of this, Tarte is the winner because of the price, availability and versatility of this particular product. I hope this was helpful if you are looking to buy a facial oil for you nightly routine or to add to your makeup collection!

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