Dark Berry Lipstick Dupes!

It is officially September, and we all know what that means: Pumpkin Spice everything and DARK BERRY LIPSTICKS!!!!

One of my all time favorite Fall lipsticks is MACs Diva which is a beautiful bold cool-red that happens to be MATTE (my fav!) MACs Diva is on the pricey side for lipstick, $17 on macscosmetics.com so I wanted to find a dupe for you guys that is not only affordable but a great product! While I was swatching my lipstick arsenal, not only did I find a great matte dupe, I also found non-matte dupe for anyone who prefers a shiny finish.

Before I give away my secrets… Can you tell which is which in this photo? I used MAC Diva on one lip and a dupe on the other…. (sorry for the fuzzy photo)




DRUM ROLL please…..

The top lip is MAC and the bottom lip is Ultas Mulberry Matte Lipstick!!!

The colors and finishes of these lipsticks are soooo similar! Below I have swatched these  two on my arm. The third lipstick is NYX Butter Lipstick in Moonlit Night, it is a very similar color for those of you who aren’t fan of matte lipsticks.


Pricing/ Availability:

MACs Diva (matte) — $17 on macscosmetics.com

Ulta Mulberry (matte)— $8 on ulta.com

NYX Moonlit Night (butter lipstick)— $5.99 on target.com

Overall thoughts:

MAC does have a creamier texture when applying to the lips, where as Ulta does seem a bit drier. I feel as though that’s not a huge deal since you can just use a great lip hydrator before applying your lipstick, and for only $8 you can’t really go wrong. This color is perfect for Fall and even into the Holidays!

Here’s a full look at a glam/grunge look I did- I have Mac on the top lip and Ulta on the bottom, can’t even tell the difference!


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