Ipsy Unboxing: December 2016

If you are unfamiliar with Ipsy, it is a beauty subscription which costs $10 per month. Each month members receive a cosmetics bag and 5 beauty products. The products range from sample to full size as well as drug store to high end brands.

If you are an Ipsy member, you can purchase full sized products from ipsy.com and they typically have promotions so you can save a few bucks. As I list products below,  I will be adding pricing and information as to where to buy products from websites or stores other than Ipsy.

(Please note I save a lot of items for giveaways so I will not have a review for every single product. I will note which item I have not opened.)


Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 2.13.54 PM.png

Cosmetic Bag— This bag is so much cuter in person that photographed. The material is a furry, sparkly and hot pink, what’s not to love? The timing of this bag is pretty much prefect because it would be a great clutch for the holidays. I’m think New Years Eve, give me all the sparkles on New Years Eve!

The 5 Products I Received: 

Tarte Maracuja Oil (sample)

Hikari Liquid Eyeliner in Iris (Full size)

Ouai Wave Spray (Deluxe Sample)

Cake beauty Heavy Cream Hand Lotion (sample)

NYX Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Fireball (Full Sized)

So far, I have used the Maraca Oil, Cake Beauty Hand Cream and The NYX Cosmetics Eyeshadow. 


My thoughts on each product:

Tarte Maracuja Oil is a fantastic item to receive in an Ipsy bag! HOLY COW! I love Tarte, it’s definitely one of my favorite cosmetic companies, so anything Tarte in my Ipsy bag is going to make me over the moon happy! This product is something I already own because its freaking amazing! But I’m excited to get this smaller travel sized one to keep in my over night bag! This oil is so versatile, it can be used on your skin, hair, lips, and even your cuticles. I have an entire blog titled “Tarte Maracuje Oil VS Nude Progenius Oil” you can check out on my previous blog posts! This product can be found in a travel or full size on tartecosmetics.com or ulta.com. The full size is $48 and the travel size is  $15 (Please note this travel size is larger than what came in the tipsy bag, this is a deluxe sample size.)

Hikari Liquid Eyeliner is one of the products I haven’t opened yet. The reason being, I seem to get a liquid eyeliner every month in my Ipsy bag, so I’m still working on last months. I do like that this one is in the color “Iris” so it’s a purple shade. I don’t necessarily use purple eyeliners, but at least this something a little different to play with. This can be purchased on hikaricosmetics.com for $15.

Ouai Wave Spray is a pretty good sized sample! I don’t use wave sprays much because my hair is super thick and heavy, so it just always falls flat. Maybe this product will work for me? Do you guys have any experience with this brand? Let know in the comments! You can find this full sized product at Sephora for $26.

Cake beauty Heavy Cream Hand Lotion smells soooooooo delicious. I really love how thick this hand cream is. The scent and texture of this are to die for. I wash my hands for work so much that I left this on my desk to hydrate my skin after disinfecting. I already feel a difference in my skin! Perfect travel size!  ultra.com carries the full sized hand cream for $22, however it is temporally out of stock.

NYX Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Fireball is a beautiful color for Christmas! This is so pigmented! I’m sure not everyone loves this bright/smokey red shade, but I happen to love it!! This is $6 for a full sized listed on NYXcosmetics.com.


DANG IPSY! This months bag is fantastic! I freaking love receiving a variety like this, something for your eye, skin, hair, etc. Also, I am really surprised that I got TWO FULL SIZED products. Plus did I mention I’m kind of obsessed with Tarte!  I wonder if they beefed it up this month because its the holiday time? Lets me know in the comments what you guys received, or if you have any experiences with these products!

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