Ipsy Unboxing: February 2017

If you are unfamiliar with Ipsy, it is a beauty subscription which costs $10 per month. Each month members receive a cosmetics bag and 5 beauty products. The products range from sample to full size as well as drug store to high end brands.

If you are an Ipsy member, you can purchase full sized products from ipsy.com and they typically have promotions so you can save a few bucks. As I list products below,  I will be adding pricing and information as to where to buy products from websites or stores other than Ipsy.

(Please note I save a lot of items for giveaways so I will not have a review for every single product. I will note which item I have not opened.)

Cosmetic Bag: This months bag sis a denim like material with a leather trim. i do like that it’s neutral enough to match a lot of outfits. Cute but nothing too special.

The 5 Products I received:

The Organic Pharmacy Lip & Eye Cream (Sample Size)

LAW Beauty Nail Polish (Full Size)

Elizabeth Moss Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer (Sample Size)

Luxe Beauty Rose Gold Blush Brush 514 (Full Size)

2 Biobelle Sheet Masks (Full Size)

My Thoughts So Far:

The Organic Pharmacy Lip & Eye Cream

I haven’t opened this product yet, but I plan to! I am currently stuck on Cliques Pep Start for under eyes, so once that runs out, I will give this baby a test run. I am actually really excited about this product! The description says it works to reduce redness/puffiness around eyes and can also be used to hydrate and plump lips. Sounds amazing, hopefully it works! The website for this company has it for sale, but it’s list in pounds, so I found it at listed in US dollars on Allbeauty.com for $35.96

LAW Beauty Nail Polish in ‘Leave a Text’

Gooooorgeous bluish gray polish. I did try this immediately and LOVE IT!  The texture is creamy and thick, but applies evenly. This is definitely the type of polish I like and will be purchasing more colors from this brand! Not to mention $9 for nail polish is not too shabby, especially since this is a good amount of product in these bottles.

Check out the color variety on https://law-beauty-essentials.myshopify.com for $9.

Elizabeth Moss Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer is the smallest sample I’ve ever seen! This guy is soon tiny is kinda funny. I do realize that Ipsy is sample sized products so I understand, but its soooooo tiny haha I cant get over it! I haven’t used this yet. I have very fair skin and tend to use light bronzers. This will be used in an upcoming giveaway on my Instagram.

Available on elizabethmoss.com for $25.

Luxe Beauty Rose Gold Blush Brush 514

Yasssss Ipsy, I LOVE BRUSHES!!!!! I will never be made at a cute makeup brush, how could I? This blush brush looks like a very high quality products and did I mention, ITS ROSE GOLD!! Love, love, love this! Available for $18 at luxiebeauty.com

Biobelle Sheet Masks in #staygorgeous and #iwokeuplikethis 

I don’t love sheet masks, but whatevs. I will likely be using these for a giveaway because I much prefer cream or gel masks. I definitely understand why Ipsy puts these in the bags, they take up room and you get two so its really a great deal if you like these type of masks. I found these online for $4.99 each at ultabeauty.com


Overall, this bag is great! The description above may not seem like I LOVE this bag, but I do. My complaints are tiny and really just me picking things apart. This is a fantastic deal for $10. I received two full sized masks, a full sized brush and a full sized nail polish, thats amazing! Let me know in the comments what your guys and gals received in your Ipsy glambag! Remember, I signed up for Sephora Play so I will be posting a new series of unboxing when I receive my first subscription box!

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