Marina Girls Collections -BEWARE!

Unfortunately, I have a very honest and not so great review to share. A few months back I received a promo code for Mirina Girls & received a gorgeous necklace (Leona). HOWEVER, after wearing this out for a few hours, not only did multiple gems FALL OUT but now I have this bruising on the back of my neck. I’ve never had issues like this with jewelry before. I am not happy!

I ended up with the necklace after a marina girl representative reached out to me on Instagram. They emailed me with a 90% off promo code to use as often as I wanted, as well as a discount code to share with followers. With the promo code, I ended up paying around $30 for my necklace which is listed around $200. I thought I was receiving a killer deal, but really, I was getting ripped off.

If you follow me on IG, you’ve likely seen a few posts of this exact necklace with me endorsing this company (I have since deleted all posts). Those posts were created when I would throw the necklace on quickly for a photo, wearing it for maybe 10-15 mins. The first two times I wore this necklace quickly for a photo, I did not have an issue. The third time I put this necklace on two gems fell out! I was beyond upset as its suppose to be a $200 necklace and its already falling apart!!

Regardless, on Monday night I went out to an event and worn the necklace for about 6 hours. The first few hours were totally fine, but I did start feeling the weight of the necklace the last hour or so of the night. Kind of like when you wear really heavy earrings, over time they start to feel heavier and heavier. I ended up taking my necklace off before bed and going to sleep. In the morning the back of my neck was irritated to the touch and felt swollen. I ended up taking a photo of my neck since I couldn’t see it and I was very surprised to see my skin was red and blotchy where the necklace had laid on my neck the night before. I assumed the irritation would go away.

Today is day two of the irritation, my skin is red and raw. It almost feels like my skin is burned. I have never had issues with jewelry in the past and I have a lot of fashion jewelry so I feel like the materials in this have to be extremely cheap and therefore not safe!

My intent in writing this is not malicious. I do not like posting negative reviews. I really wanted to like this product and this company but I cannot stand behind something like this. I pride myself on giving honest reviews and only marketing products I stand behind. I truly hoped this wasn’t something that other people were dealing with but I did some research and there are several articles online about this company being a scam.

Please be advised before giving this company your money! The quality is beyond cheap and not worth the price!

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