The Move to Youtube?

One questions I am asked a lot:  “Why aren’t you on Youtube?”

The simple answer is, its a lot of work! I do have full time job working management at a tattoo shop that stays very busy. When I’m not working at the shop I have my hands in the pot for two up in coming businesses! Because of my current endeavors, I don’t have a ton of free time.

Another issue that has been holding my back from creating videos is the lack of equipment. I have tried in the past to record on my Iphone, but the quality isn’t great and I don’t have lighting figured out as of yet.

Blogging is more accessible for me at this point in time. Youtube is 10000% something I want to pursue. I started beauty blogging in hopes that I could create a following now to have some support and guidance when making the transition from writing to filming. I am currently saving up for a camera. I am hoping to get something that can take dynamic beauty shots, but isn’t too expensive to maintain.

One of the main reasons I want to branch out to Youtube is because I have found so much inspiration there. I absolutely love watching beauty themed Youtube channels, my favorites are:


Kristen Leanne 

Kandee Johnson


Eleventh Gorgeous 

Each and every one of these women have inspired me in their own way to push forward and pursue my blogging. Seeing how they have come so far and built businesses while doing something they love is so inspiring to me. If you are unfamiliar with these lovely ladies, make sure to check them out.

What channels do you guys and gals like? I would love to check out some more amazing artists, leave your recommendations in the comments!

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