Product Empties!!!!!

So I happen to be addicted to Beauty Youtube channels and my favorite videos to watch are “Product Empties”. I feel as though this is the best review of a product! Since the user has emptied the bottle, they are likely giving you a true experience of using this product over time. First impression videos are popular as well but they are exactly that, first impression.. you haven’t had time to build a relationship with the product yet and may have a different opinion after using it more.

With that being said,  I have bunch of product empties to share with everyone! My apologies for the not so forgiving photos; since these are all used products, they are a bit messy  at this point.

Some of these products are full sized and some are sample sizes. I will do a quick review of each product, the pricing, and if it’s something I would repurchase. So its get started!


Bed Head Noimg_5406t Your Mothers Clean Freak Dry Shampoo

I love dry shampoos! Since I color my hair so often, I do not wash my it everyday as I do not want to strip my color. Instead, I use dry shampoo on my in-between days to refresh my hair. I do like this product from Bed Head, however I wouldn’t say its my absolute favorite dry shampoo ever. I like how build-able it is. This doesn’t cake up on the root, which is a problem brunettes have a lot when dealing with dry shampoos. You can find this product at a variety of stores, including Ulta and Target form around $5.99. I have not repurchased this product yet, as I recently fell in love with two other brands that will be posted in the next batch of empties.


Mac Pro Longwear Foundation in NW20

This was the first high end foundation I was ever introduced to. I went to get my makeup done at Mac before a work event and this was what the artist used on me so I bought a bottle. I was hooked immediately. I think the finish was something I wasn’t use to because I always used drug store press powders in my teenage years. Now that Ive since starting using other foundations, I don find this as impressive as I use to. The color does match my skin fairly well, however it is pink-y and almost shimmery. I’ve since started using very matte foundations with a more neutral/yellow undertones to counteract my redness. This product is available at Nordstrom for $34. I have since reproached last summer and still have some of that new tube eft that I will probably use for this summer as I like a more shear look in the warmer months.

img_5414Tarte Frixxxtion Stick

I received this product when I purchased the Tarte Ready Set Glow Kit travel kit which came with four products (I have since reproached 2 /4 products, I love me some Tarte!) This Frixxxtion stick is a 3 in 1 cleanser, mask and exfloiant. I absolutely love this product, mainly because of the packaging. It’s a twist up stick; similar to a chapstick tube, but with a large opening. This is super easy to apply directly to the face. It strips off makeup, dirt and oils immediately, leaving my skin feeling very refreshed. I do always use a moisturizer after, as products like this can be drying. You can find a full size version of this product at Sephora for $22. I have since reproached and use this every time I shower!

img_5408Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Marine Boost Setting Spray

This is another of the products I received in the Ready Set Glow Tarte travel kit mentioned above. I love the smell of this soooooo  much. It sounds kind of weird but the smell reminds me of Sprite, like a fizzy lemon-lime drink. The smell alone sells this for me, Im obsessed! Besides my strange obsession with the scent, this product does work and its multi-purpose! You can use this on clean skin before applying your makeup to prep the skin. I feel as though this gives my skin moisture and plumps everything up before I go in with makeup. Another use is a makeup setting spray to keep things in place throughout the day. I typically spray this before I start my makeup and when I’m finished to lock everything in. And lastly, this is great way to make your eyeshadows pop! I will spray my eyeshadow brush and then dip them in my shadows to amp up the color. This works especially well when using shimmery or sparkly shades. You can find this full sized product at Sephora for $25. I have repurchased and use daily.

img_5420Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Every makeup artist swears by Urban Decay sprays as they have great misters on the bottle, and it does keep your makeup put through the day. I do really love this spray, but I just love the Tarte Spray a little bit more. I have repurchased in the past but now I’m just stuck on the Rainforest of the Sea Marine Boost Spray. All Nighter Setting Sray can be found at Sephora for $31, the packaging has since changed, so it no longer looks like this.

img_5411Burts Bees Natural Acne Solutions Toner

I have adult acne and it sucks! I have been trying different products for years and haven’t found anything the has really done the trick for me. This did work for me last summer, it strips leftover makeup residue and makes my skin feel super clean. I have since stopped using it as my skin gets super dry in the winter. My only complaint about this product is the packaging. It leaks. A lot. It’s really annoying! Whenever I would travel with this I had to wrap it in ziplock bags and would end up losing a lot of product. I thought maybe the first bottle I got was cracked, but I bought a second and the same thing happened. You can find this product at stores like CVS, Target and Ulta for around $8.99.


Almay Liquid Eyeliner

This was my first love of makeup. I truly don’t think anything compares with how matte black this eyeliner is. I started using this Liquid Eyeliner in high school and still use it to this day! I have been trying my luck at a few different brands, Eyeko, Stilla and Kat Von D to name a few, but I keep coming back to this Almay product! I have since reproached, a million times. You can find this product at CVS, Target, Walmart, etc for $7.99.


Maybeline Fit Me Bronzer 

This is a very sheer bronzer. I prefer lighter shades like this as I don’t contour often and my skin is pretty fair. The blend-ability is great because its so lightweight. This pan lasted me a really long time (and then broke a bit). I have since repurchased this product which can be found at Target, CVS and Ulta for $5.99


Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer $12.99 

You’ve likely used this product or at least heard about it in the past as it’s extremely popular.This is the smaller version that I first purchased, just to try out. I did end up loving it and repurchasing a full sized version right away. I haven’t quite finished the second tube yet. I do really love the weightlessness of this formula, its blends out great and doesn’t crease. The full size is on the pricey side, even this little guy was pretty expensive for $12! However, I do believe that concealer is worth splurging on!


Benefit Cosmetics 15 Hour Primer 

This was part of a 3 piece benefit set which also included a foundation and pressed power. I actually really loved this and the powder. The foundation, not so much. This primer is great because the application is just so easy! This guilds onto the skin like butter and feels so silky. I have not repurchased as I’ve been using moisturizer more often than primers lately. I would recommend Benefit primers in general if you are okay with spending a little extra. You can find this full size at Sephora or Ulta for around $32.


Elf Daily Brush Cleaner

This is so amazing for everyday use. It’s light enough to use in the morning after doing your makeup and have everything be dry by the next morning. My brushes never feel brittle or dry.  I do not recommend this for thicker cream brushes, like stippling or flat head foundation brushes as its not a heavy duty cleaner. I use this more for powder brushes. I have repurchased this time and time again. For $2.99 you cant beat the price, available at stores like Target, CVS, and Ulta.


Fresh Soy Face Cleanser 

This is a product I recieved with Sephora Beauty Points It came paired with a Rose Infused Face Mask, major score! I really love that it has a light scent. The texture was gel like, very cool and refreshing. This was honestly so perfect for the summer, it didn’t irritate me if I was red or sunburned because it’s so gentle. I have not repurchased this, as it is pricey at $38 from Sephora.


Tarte Light, Camera, Lashes 

This is another popular product these days. Tarte has great mascaras (everything they do is great). I use this a lot if I’m applying false lashes because it is build-able yet still flexible. This doesn’t turn rock hard, even after a few layers.  I have repurchased this from Sephora for $21.


Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum

This is the most amazing smelling hair product ever created. EVER. The scent is sweet and fruity, it reminds me of Starburst candies. Besides the fabulous smell, the texture is great. I use this oil after flat ironing my hair to give it a nice shine. This can be found at Ulta for around $20 and a bottle will last forever because you only need the tiniest bit when styling your hair.

That is all of my current empties! I hope you guys and gals enjoyed reading this. I have been working super hard to post more often. Let me know in the comments if this is the type of stuff I should keep up with! Everyone’s opinions are very important to me.

(Side note: My keyboard is broken and some of my buttons are crapping out so please forgive typos)

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