Wet n Wild vs. High End Foundations 

Today we will be discussing foundations! I am really loving this Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation so I wanted to test it up against two high end brands. Please keep in mind these colors range, as I use these at different times of the year.



The three foundations we will be reviewing are:

MAC Pro Longerwear Foundation in NW20

Kat Von D Beauty Lock It Foundation in Light Neutral #45

Wet n Wild Beauty Photo Focus Foundation in Shell Ivory

Some important factors for me as a consumer of foundation:

-Packaging/ Product Amount

-Texture/ Coverage


-Price & Availability

Pictures Left to Right: MAC, WnW, KVD.

MAC comes in a soft squeeze tube with 1 fl oz of foundation. I dislike how dirty this tube always looks, even after I wipe it down, it just seems to hold onto smudges. I do like the actual bottle however, as its flexible plastic so you squeeze out every last drop!

WnW comes in a hard glass jar with a kind of strange applicator. The cap unscrews and has a plastic spatula at the end to collect the makeup from the jar. I like the convenience of this but I’m guessing it’s not very sanitary to re-dip, although I do the same thing with my concealer wand, so I guess its not that different. This comes with 1 fl oz of product.

KVD has amazing packaging! I love that it has a button on the top that pumps the product out. Theres also a cute little cap that covers the pump, but I removed it for the picture to show the actual spout. KVD comes with the least amount of product, at .84 fl oz.


The texture does vary on these products. WnW has the thinnest consistency, then MAC, then KVD. The KVD is insanely thick; the first time using it, I caked it on way too heavy because I wasn’t use to the texture. Since then, I have become more comfortable using this and it does give a beautiful finish if blended out correctly.



Coverage is lighter with Mac and WnW, however they are bulid-able products! As long as your foundation is still wet, you can add more on top and blend out to create more coverage (don’t apply over dry or already powdered areas as you will get the dreaded cake face).

KVD give you the most coverage for dark spots, acne, etc. with one pass. This does apply heavy but dries down nicely.

Wearability isn’t too far off on these products honesty. Keep in mind I always use concealer over my foundations to hide imperfections & I always set my foundation with powder! Skipping one of these steps can give you a different outcome. Powder is super important to set the foundation onto your skin. If you do not lock in your foundation with a powder, you will likely get creasing, smudging and less wear time.

The WnW and KVD have similar wear time in that it looks great for like 8 hours, and then needs a touch up. I tend to see a bit of creasing with KVD, but thats only after a pretty long day. If I see creasing, it’s easy enough tot pat into the skin lightly and smooth out. The WnW holds up for around the same amount of time, but then my forehead does start to get oily. This is another quick fix, blot with tissues or rice paper and it’s easy enough to hide the shine.

I should mention that the KVD tends to smudge more throughout the day when touched against items. I know that sounds weird, but I will notice residue on my phone screen. I also have blown my nose and the tissue is absolutely covered in foundation. I assume this is because its so thick and pigmented. It doesn’t really seem to smudge off of my face, meaning I don’t notice it missing on the areas of my face I’ve touched, I just notice it on the item itself.

I would say Mac hold up pretty well over time. I tend to use this more in the summer as it has a fine shimmer to it, not really my thing in the winter. This doesn’t streak or smudge if you’re sweating, which is amazing! I also doesn’t come off as easily as the KVD when you touch your face. I do believe that’s because I use a much smaller amount, as I use this when I don’t have a ton of breakouts.


Pricing and Availability is what this really all boils down to right? If you could save a few bucks and not sacrifice your makeup, why wouldn’t you?

I purchased these at these prices listed below, from these specific stores, (pricing will vary depending on where you purchase):

KVD- Sephora, $35 

MAC- Nordstorm, $44 

Wet n Wild, CVS, $5.99 

Overall: Wet n Wild is 100% for you if you are looking for medium coverage that’s a great quality and isn’t super inexpensive! I absolutely love the formula of this! It’s kind of shocking that a drugstore brand can even be compared with such high end brands like MAC and Kat Von D Beauty. Without hesitation, I grab for my WnW foundation over these high end brands most days!

If you need extra coverage for stubborn acne, hyper pigmentation, etc. than Kat Von D Lock It Foundation is great product for full coverage. It’s a pretty amazing product if you are okay with spending little extra.

The MAC Foundation is great too, however I like a little more coverage and a more matte finish.  I will say that I have repurchased this in the past, but have since stopped as I am trying to make the switch to vegan and cruelty free. (BONUS: BOTH WET N WILD AND KAT VON D BEAUTY ARE CRUELTY FREE AND VEGAN!!!)

I hope this was helpful if your are trying to figure out which foundation to purchase! I ‘m thinking about doing a drugstore full face breakdown using this Wet n Wild Foundation, is that something you guys and gals would be interested in? Let me know if the comments!

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