Styling Tools: Most Used

These four styling tools are a staple in my morning routine as I use them all regularly.

Each tool is a fair price, coming in under $25 each. These brands are carried by multiple stores, but the pricing listed is the least expensive I could currently find online. I listed the tools in order from most frequently used to least. I have also included a photo of my hair styled with each tool to give you an idea of the way these work. Keep in mind, I did use styling products when using the tools which are not listed.
Side note:  You will notice that some of these have tourmaline or ceramic listed in the name or on the box. Ceramic is bit more well know in flat irons as it de-frizzes and smooths hair. Tourmaline is similar is that way; it is a natural gemstone used in heated tools for its helpful properties. Tourmaline is soothing for hair and helps with frizz. This leaves a great shine to the hair as it isn’t damaging. These are definitely materials to look for when purchasing styling tools.

Remington Diamond Ceramic Shine Hair Curling Slim Wand

Target, $19.29


This baby is fantastic for tight spiral curls. I feel so disco-y after I use this as it give your hair a ton of body and volume. This does get super hot, and I tend to crank the heat on my curling irons, so take it from me, don’t use this on the highest setting! Be careful if you use this curling wand, especially if you aren’t familiar with heated tools. This tool shows the temperature, which you can adjust via a knob. I have owed this wand for a few years now and it’s still in great shape. This does come with a heat resistant glove which is a great perk. Keep in mind this tapers off, meaning the barrels narrows as it goes down. Because of this, you will get a tighter curl at the ends of your hair. My favorite hair styles are always made using this wand.

Remington, Remington Pearl Pro Ceramic 1 Inch Flat Iron

Target, $24.99

I have had this flat iron for about 2 years now and I have never had an issue! First off, this is gorgeous, the white and black color scheme is very classic looking. The temperature is displayed digitally on a screen which is freaking amazing; I feel so hi-tech! I love when a product shows the temperature and has the option to adjust, not all tools have this. It tends to go one of two ways if there isn’t a temperate gauge: It’s too hot and you damage your hair, or its not hot enough so you style just doesn’t hold. Luckily thats not an issue with this as you can see the temperature clear as day on the screen. Another great feature on this is that it beeps when it’s heated at your desired temperature. I will click this on and then start doing something else, brush my teeth, start getting dressed, etc. When I hear the slight ‘beep beep beep’ I am reminded to go do my hair! If it wasn’t for the beeping I would probably forget to do my hair and leave my house with this still on! I’m so thankful for idiot proof technology. I’m so busy some days I would lose my head if it wasn’t attached. But I digress, this flat iron is amazing. Its been 2 years and were still going strong, hopefully it stays that way for a while. I would probably buy this exact iron again if it did break.

TIGI, Bed Head Curlipops 1″ Tourmaline Ceramic Tapered Styling Iron

Walmart, $24.99

I purchased this around last Christmas during a sale at Ulta! Major score getting a brand like this for 50% off. This is a curling wand however this one does not taper. This wand is pretty thick, so your curls are wide and loose. I use this when I want a slight wave in my hair. This will give you a more natural curl, very beach /mermaid like. My one complaint with this is, there’s not temperature adjustment! This has an on/off switch, that’s it. I do wish I could up the heat on this a little bit, but that’s because my hair is thick and doesn’t hold a curl well so I like a higher heat setting. Besides that, this wand is great. This came with a heat resistant glove too which is nice.

Revlon, Perfect Heat 1875W Fast Dry Dryer

Amazon, $24.99

I don’t blow dry my hair very often because I typically shower at night and my hair is dry by the morning. When I do need to blow dry my hair, this comes in clutch! I really love the way my hair feels when I use this. It looks a lot fuller, definitely has more volume at my roots and seems less dense, if that makes any sense.  Besides looking amazing, it feels fantastic! My hair is always so soft and light when I use this blow dryer. This came with two attachments, a concentrator and a diffuser (not pictured).

I hope this was helpful if you are looking into a new styling tool. These all work wonders and are so reasonably priced. If you enjoyed this, please like & comment! I have a ton of hair products I am thinking of reviewing so you all know what oils, sprays, treatments, etc I use when styling my hair with these tools. Is that something that would interest you guys and gals?

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