Cosplay: Laura Croft

Lara Croft is both beautiful and brilliant. She is an English archeologist who happens to always find herself in the middle of a wild adventure. Versions of Lara Croft have been seen in movies, video games and comic books.

This was a super last minute Cosplay outfit I threw together before Comic-Con last year. I typically plan out my costume well in advanced, but this time I was suppose to go as half of a duo, and my other half dropped out! Instead I threw this together and went to Comic-Con as Lara Croft from Tomb Raider!

This wasn’t a very involved costume. Lara Croft has a lot of outfits. The most memorable to me are the tan pants with light blue tank top and the all black outfit. I went for the all black outfit, because I was able to use supplies in my house to get this put together in about an hour. I wore dark wash grey jean and a black tank top, which is my normal everyday outfit.
To really make this more of a costume,  I wore this awesome vegan leather vest that I bought years ago at the Garment District in Cambridge, MA. (If you’ve never been there, you should go! It is three floors of second hand clothing, new clothing, vintage clothing and costumes!) I think I paid around $20 for the vest.

I also jazzed the vest up a bit by tie black ribbon from shoulder to shoulder to make it look like the strap she has across her chest in most of her outfits.

I used two black skinny belts as gun holsters on my legs. I wrapped the belt through the belt loops on my jeans, pulled down towards my knee and secured it around my thigh. The picture doesn’t do these justices, but it looked believable and worked out really well!

For my hair, I used black clip in extensions that are about an inch wide. I braided my hair and then secured the clips about half way through the braid, then I braided the extensions into my real hair so that it was little more natural looking and not a harsh color change, since my hair was blue at the time.

I did a slight brown and black smokey eye paired with a very dark rounded eyebrow. For lips, I did a nude matte lipstick (and overdrew the crap out of my lips, I was going for that Angelina Jolie Tomb Radier look.)

This isn’t the best Cosplay I’ve done, but I was quick on my feet to throw something together! If you’re looking for a quick costume this is easy peasy.

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