Covering Dark Spots & Acne

I have awful bags under my eyes as well as adult acne. It’s a bummer, but I’ve gotten pretty good and covering even the most stubborn discoloration. Please note I did this super early in the morning, so even in my after photos, my bags are rough. I got myself a giant latte after this!

There are no edits of the photos of my face what so ever. My apologies about the lighting, it’s not great.

Here’s my before and after! 

Before starting the process to cover our spots, we want to make sure our skin is clean. This is especially important if you have open acne on your face. Applying makeup over broken pimples can make them worse and will cause bacteria to accumulate on your makeup tools (sponges, brushed etc).

Step One: Prep the skin with a moisturizer or primer

When I have breakouts, I use Shea Moisture Black Soap Acne Moisturizer.

This works under makeup, not as flawlessly as others, but it has helpful properties for acne! Make sure to let your primer or moisturizer sit on the skin for a few minutes before moving to the next step. We want to make sure it is absorbing enough into the skin as to not dilute the product you apply on top.

Step Two: Color Correcting

For dark circles under the eyes, I use Maybelline Age Rewind in Neutral, the yellow shade. Yellow and peach colors works wonders to cover up purple! Blend this out lightly under the eyes, but not too much, we want some yellow showing to combat the purple.

If you are dealing with red acne or splotches on your face, you want to use a green color corrector to neutralize the redness.

I apply Maybelinne Color Corrector to the red/acne areas and lightly pat the product in with my finger or a sponge. Don’t over blend this, make sure you can still see the green on your face! We will be topping it with a foundation to conceal the green so don’t worry if it looks crazy.

Step Three : Foundation 

If you have having bad breakouts, you want to use a full coverage foundation that has a thicker consistency. For this I am using Mac Pro Longwear Foundation. Kat Von D Beauty Lock It Foundation is the another perfect example for covering unruly skin. 

I start by applying small spots all around my face and then blend out using a sponge or blending brush.

Step Five: Concealer

Concealer will really help with coverage it things are peeking through your foundation. I apply concealer under my eyes in a wide triangular shape so that I can press it into the under eye areas as well as the sides of the nose and a strip down the center (this makes your nose look a bit thinner without having to use contour).

For acne spots, make sure you put the smallest amount of concealer over your acne spots and blend out with a tiny brush. If you use too much concealer on acne, or if you blend it in a large area around the pimple, you will end up drawing attention to the problem! You want to use precision when covering pimples. I tend to dab my brush rather than swipe over acne as it seems to cover better and not spread to far.

Step Six: Powder
Make sure you are setting everything with powder! This is super important as it keeps things in place, stops areas from creasing and makes your foundation wear longer. If you skip this step you will end up having your makeup crease, run or wipe off very easily.

I baked my undereye, you don’t have to do that. You can just swipe power all over and call it a day but I like to push a good amount of powder under my eyes and leave it while I do my eyeshadow. After I fluff it off with a clean brush. I used Coty Airspun Tranucent setting powder.

And lastly, finish your makeup however you’d like… I did a natural look and kept this messy half bun in. Today is my day off and I’m going car shopping (yayyyyy!) so I’m going with a casual look.

Here’s the before and after again.
Sorry the lighting isn’t great in this collect of photos, still working on my set up. I hope everyone enjoyed reading this and got some helpful pointers.

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