Cosplay: Jessica Rabbit

Jessica and her husband, Roger Rabbit live in Toon Town. Jessica insists she’s not bad, she’s just drawn that way ūüźį

This was one of the most involved cosplay costumes I have done. Obviously, Jessica Rabbit is a cartoon, so I wanted to do this very stylized with bright colors.

I got the dress from Spirit of Halloween online and had to alter it A LOT because costume stores suck! The costume never look as good in person as they do online. Photos on the website were the ideal dress for this costume, it was long, red, sparkly and very form fitting. I spent around $35 on this dress alone. However, when the dress was delivered, I opened it up to complete disappointment! The color was great, but there was no shape to this dress at all. It was like a complete tube, not form fitting in the slightest. To make this a little more Jessica Rabbit like, I secured this at the waist. I used a piece of red fabric, probably about an inch thick and wrapped it around my waist at the narrowest point, tying it at the back.

This dress came as a straight across tube top style. I used safety pins to make the neckline curve in, similar to a sweetheart top. I pushed a safety pin into the fabric, and then through my bra to keep the fabric gathered together and emphasize my cleavage. I also wore this dress backwards because Jessica Rabbit’s slit¬†is on the other side of her body. I really wanted to keep this true to the cartoon! ¬†This wasn’t movie quality at all but it¬†definitely¬†gave me more shape.

Another issue with this dress was the material. The sequins gave the perfect look, but they were so scratchy!!! I ended up cutting elongated triangle shapes out of red fabric and sewing it onto the seems under the arms. This was a life saver because my underarm area was all scratched up from the friction of the sequins.

I purchased my gloves from Amazon for $9.99. They were the perfect color! I was thrilled with how these looked.

I purchased the wig from for $14.99. This is the third wig I’ve purchased from that website and they are a good for costumes. These definitely are not everyday wigs, they are synthetic and cannot be styled with heated tools. They wear well for a few hours, and then start to get uncomfortable.I typically braid my hair in two french braids, and then secure them with bobby pins to the back of my head.¬†I use a fish net wig cap over the braids and then place the wig on. Keep in mind, wigs are hot! Oh my goodness I was boiling in this outfit, but beauty is pain!

My makeup was a little crazy for this costume, as I really wanted to look cartoony but still sexy. I over-lined my lips with bright red lip liner, followed by a bright red lipstick. Then topped it all with a red gloss.

For my eyes, I did a heavy purple and silver smokey look. My brows were more challenging, I used an orange lipstick to brighten them up. To keep the lipstick color in place, I used a bright orange eyeshadow and patted it all over the eyebrow area. Adding powder on top of a cream texture is always a good idea, as creams will smudge.

(In the photo above I wore this dress the other way so that my left leg was exposed instead of my right leg like the other photos. I have recently had my right leg tattooed and didn’t want the sequins scratching it. I worn this costume twice, once for comic con and once for a costume party!)

I wish I had better pictures of this costume! I took a ton of pictures with everyone at Comic-Con in this outfit. I am always so happy when people comment on my costumes because they take a lot of time and energy to get together. Not to mention, this was the most uncomfortable costume I have ever worn!

I hope this was helpful if you are looking into costumes, or just having fun playing with fashion & makeup. Do you like these cosplay character posts? Like or comment to let me know if I should continue posting these!

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