What’s the deal with the Natural Love Palette?! 

I am seeing soooo many bad reviews about the Natural Love Palette by Too Faced.

I purchased this for $59 the night it launched. It comes with 30 colors total, ranging in finishes (matte/ shimmery/ glittery). You can see my full swatches in a previous post “Natural Love Palette, Too Faced”.

In my eyes, the price is not too bad for a high end brand. You do get a limited color palette, but that’s the idea, natural colors. Don’t get me wrong, some of these colors are fun and funky but overall it’s nudes, golds, browns, warm colors in general. Let me repeat, there are 30 colors, that’s amazingggg.

This product is great, I really don’t understand why so many bloggers/MUA have been giving this a negative review. 

If you have been thinking of purchasing, I would recommend. I’ve created so many looks so far and know there’s a million more to be made. Go swatch this at Sephora if you’re on the fence. The pigmentation and texture is fantastic! If you’re wondering about swatches- check out my blog post “Natural Love Palette, Too Faced”, you’ll see every color there!

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