Urban Decay De-Slick Completion Primer

So, I’m not huge of fancy primers. I typically use a facial moisturizer before doing my makeup. However, I was so dang excited to try this product after seeing so many beauty Youtubers using it.

Don’t get me wrong, I have definitely tried my fair share of primers. My favorites right now are Benefits Porefessional and Too Faced Hangover (although I hate the smell!) So I decided to bite the bullet to try out one of these Urban Decay primer, since there’s so much hype.

There are four variations of the Urban Decay Complexion Primers:

1. Self Adjusting

2. Optical Illusion

3. Urban Defense

4. De-Slick (this is the one we are reviewing)

The whole idea of this line of primers is to adjust your complexion. These are said to act like a filter on your skin, giving you a blurred complexion to neutralize redness, discoloration, etc.

In the case of this particular one, De-Slick, it states it fills pores and absorbs oil. Almost sounds too good to be true. I picked this up at Sephora for $34. You can also find it at Ulta and UrbanDecy.com, all for the same price.


The tube itself is tall and narrow with a pump to dispense the product. Super easy to hold and use. I’ve dropped this a million times already, being that I’m a clutz, so I know it’s good quality since nothing has chipped or broken! This is the pump nozzle


The consistency of this is odd, almost gel like, rather than lotion-y. My skin felt tight and dry upon applying this, not in a bad flakey way, more of like their was no oil on my skin whatsoever. It dries down super quickly and completely clear (it is a nude/apricot color in the tube). This is not a sticky primer, I repeat, this is not a sticky primer! That’s one thing I would normally look for, being that I feel it makes my makeup really stick! This is dry and smooth, my skin feels velvety to the touch, but if I were to wrinkle up my nose it feels dry. Kind of a strange feeling, almost like after doing a face mask, ya know what I mean?

Applying it wrong: The first time using this, I was super excited! I ripped it out of the box and started throwing it on all willy-nilly by I dispersing a bunch on my hands and then rubbed it all over my face…Then I actually read the directions and realized that I was applying this all wrong!!!  When I rubbed it in, I got white streaks on my face. The streaks did blended down with my foundation, but I had obviously used way too much and didn’t get the best final end result. Don’t do what I did guys and gals, read the directions (listed on the box)!

Applying it Correctly: 
You are suppose to use a very small amount and pat it into the skin, not rub a crap ton like I originally did. When I applied it correctly, using a patting motion, this went on completely invisible, no residue what so ever.

Wearability/ Longevity: As for de-slicking and pore filling, this works! It definitely smooths my skin and makes my makeup look great through the day! When I don’t wear this product I get oily around my nose and forehead, so I blot with a tissue at work. With this product, I haven’t the need to blot, even after hours at work!!!
Overall: This Urban Decay primer is totally worth the hype! This may be one of my favorite cosmetics this year. It’s seriously phenomenal, even though the price tag is high.

I will say that my skin hasn’t been extremely broken out so I’m curious to see how it acts over aggravated acne. I also wonder how this will hold up in the summer. I’ll be trying this out with a tinted moisturizer once the weather gets warmer.
Has anyone tried these primers? What are your thoughts on them? I almost purchased the Optical Illusion one but this seemed a better fit for my skin.

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