Drug Store Prices, High End Results

If there’s one statement that I find myself repeating to others who ask about beauty, it’s “You don’t have to spend a ton to achieve a beautiful look!” There are so many IG accounts and Youtubers showing us all these luxury products that will seriously break your bank but what about those hidden gems at the drug store?! Lets shine some light on those drugstore priced products that have a high end performance.

Almay Liquid Eyeliner, $9.99

My eyeliner needs to  be 3 things: as black as possible, as matte as possible, and as long lasting as possible. This liquid eyeliner hits all three of those, plus its just under $10! I have used this eyeliner for a good majority of my life because its just sooooo good. The application is easy peasy and a sharp wing holds up really well throughout the day. I have used my fair share of high end liquid liners and most don’t come close to this amazing formula.

Simple Micellar Wipes, $7.99

These wipes will remove everything from your face effectively but very gently. I really love the texture, the wipes are soft and coated in the micellar solution. I have tried other brands that either have very stiff wipes or they’re just too dry. I start and end my day with these, using one in the morning before staring my makeup and one at night to take it all off! A quick tip for really hot summer days is to keep this package in your fridge! At the end of the day when your hot and sweaty, a cold wipe feels so nice to clean your face and make you feel refreshed!

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipsticks, $5.99

I have a few Maybelline lipsticks in various shades and finishes but my all time favorite is the matte shade, Touch of Spice. This color is so pigmented and gorgeous and completed underrated! I see so many brands coming out with mauve-y shades like this, priced anywhere from $15-30. These Maybelline lipsticks wear really well and are not overly drying like a lot of matte products. I have to say this $5 lipstick is blowing a lot of these luxury brands out of the water.

Shea Moisture Masks, 2 for $5

Everyone seems to be on a skin care kick lately, including myself! You want to start off with a prepped canvas to create your artwork so it makes sense so many beauty gurus love masks. I have noticed that skin care is getting reallllllly expensive lately. Luckily I found these mud mask packages for sale at Walmart, 2 for $5! Not only are these super inexpensive to begin with, but you can absolutely get more than one application per package! I typically get 3 masks per package since its so thick and creamy it spreads out pretty far with just a little product. I have tried a few of the different types and my favorite is the Radiant Mud Mask: with hibiscus & coconut as well as the Clarifying Mud Mask: with black african soap, tamarind & tee tree oil.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer Neutralizer (Yellow) $7.99

The yellow shade in this will neutralize purple undertones in the skin, making it perfect to cover dark circles. I would still recommend a concealer on top to better match you skin tone as this is more for color correcting opposed to coverage. The packaging on this is so well thought out. The top is a dome shaped sponge that soaks up the product when you turn the bottle. You will hear this click as the product rises to the sponge. Having this packaged like so, you really can get every last drop out of the container, oppose to wand concealers where you just cant reach what has settled at the bottom. The one pictured is running extremely low, so I will be replacing soon! If you have dark circles under your eyes, this baby will become you new best friend.

NYX Liquid Suede, $6.99

These are pretty much Matte, but they say suede. They aren’t overalls drying, but I would suggest a lip scrub before using this for an even application. The formula of this is smooth and creamy. The colors are completely opaque and wear beautifully throughout the day. I do like that these are buildable, you can reapply and not get cakey, cracked lips.

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation, $5.99

If you need a full coverage foundation, look no further! This foundation covers acne and dark spots wonderfully and still feels light on the face. I would 100% recommend this product to anyone who wants a lot of coverage but not a big bill. I have a more in-depth review of this product in a previous blog post titled “Wet n Wild vs. High End Foundations”. Check that out for more information.

Pur Cosmetics Elevation Palette, $15

This is the only product on this list you cannot find at a drugstore; this is available online at purcosmetics.com but I just had to include it on the list. Most high end highlights run about $30 each. This palette comes with three colors AND a small fan brush for $15, such an amazing deal!!!! The formula is soft and velvety. Pigmentation is beautiful and the shade variety is really nice being there are 3 colors: champagne, pink, and silver/white tone. I love the way these look on the skin, so smooth and bling-y!

Overall: These products all work so well, they could definitely be sold for more and still be worth it. Not that I’m complaining, I love the low price tags associated with these stellar products! What you you guys and gals think about this list? Are there any products on here you use instead of high end items? I know I love all of these cosmetics so much and find myself reaching for them over really expensive items I own.

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5 thoughts on “Drug Store Prices, High End Results

  1. Great post, I love a good drugstore item that is as good or maybe better than a highend!
    I haven’t actually tried the simple wipes, I might need to take a look – I normally use just ordinary baby wipes xo

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