Unicorn Glow Box by Wet n Wild

Everyone is unicorn obsessed lately, and that mean makeup brands are capitalizing on the trending fashion. Wet n Wild is one of the brands that released a limited edition Unicorn Glow line. This line includes highlighters, loose pigments, lipsticks and a super cute highlighting brush. These items are sold separately or in a full set, which is what I got my hands on! This box is available on wetnwild.com for $30.

Lets start at the beginning. I ordered this on 07/03 and it was on my doorstep by 07/15. That’s 12 days total, 8 business days. That’s not terrible for shipping, but it’s not Sephora fast. I did look at multiple stores to find some of these items but none of the retailers, like CVS, Walmart, etc had these in stock so I ordered online instead. This was packaged really well, with ample bubble wrap to secure the products inside the box.

The product packaging is really cute, with a holographic unicorn embellishment on the front of the box.

When I opened it up there was another layer of bubble wrap which made me very excited! I’m glad them take the time to make sure the products are secure!


Ugh, tell me this isn’t adorable! This is packaged so well and looks so professional! I am really loving this vault style packaging!

Now let’s jump into my first impressions on these products. I have played around with these and swatched them on my face and hands, however I haven’t worn these for a full day so I don’t know how ell they hold up. I will definitely let you know as I become more familiar with the products.


This brush is the reason I looking into this line and purchased the box. The brush alone is listed for $5. It is really adorable with the oil slick/ metallic colors in the handle, which is shapes like a unicorn horn. The bristles are soft, sturdy and have a great rounded shape that picks up and distributes product really well. My one complaint would be the weight of this brush. The handle is very lightweight plastic feeling and just seems kind of cheap. It would be nice to have some weigh in the shaft of the brush. With that being said, the brush itself is great and that’s what important. The bristle texture and shape is prefect for highlighting.

Loose Pigments (3)

  • Unicorn Wishes, a deep cobalt blue with gold sparkle
  • Pegasus Flutter, a shimmery baby pink with silvery undertones
  • Mythical Dreams, a shimmery purple with blue undertones

These are beautifully pigmented! I am not typically a fan of loose pigments but the colors are fabulous and the texture blends out so smoothly. The container on these is so genius havening a flip up cap over the sifter! This will help so much when you open these, being that the product would fly around and get stuck in the cap to create a giant mess.

Highlights (3)

  • Everlasting Glow, a pink/champagne with silver undertones
  • Unicorn Glow, green, silver and yellow undertones when mixed (rainbow)
  • Bronze Over the Rainbow, a blinding gold

These highlighters are insanely blinding and I LOVE IT! I would probably say Everlasting Glow is my favorite. These swatches are the highlighters swirled all together. The fun thing is you can use your brush to target a certain part of these highlighters for a certain color rather than swirling. The texture of these are really nice for a drugstore highlight but there is a ton of fallout, so it’s a little messy.

Lipsticks (2)

  • Immortal Soul, (white band on packaging),  white/lavender holographic
  • Unicorn Tears (blue band on packaging),  pink/blue holographic

These are really pretty holographic lipsticks with a creamy consistency. I will say they look different on the lips than swatched on the hands, much more subtle on the lips. I tried to layer these over a dry liquid lipstick thinking these would transform the color, and work like a lip topper, but it didn’t work. It ended up looking muddy and weird. Maybe I didn’t have a good base for it, so I’ll try again with another formula and see how it works.


I really give Wet n Wild credit, they are stepping up their game a lot lately. I couldn’t ask for more from a affordable, cruelty free brand! I am excited to play around with these more and explore some brighter makeup looks! Has anyone reading used this line yet? Let me know in the comments what items you are loving, I know I am digging these highlighters!

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