What I Found at TJ Maxx

Lately I have seen a lot of TJ Maxx Hauls! Its been really surprising seeing the brands people have been finding, so I had to take a trip to my local store. I was amazed to see brands like Marc Jacobs, Kat Von D, MAC and Stila.

There were a lot of MAC liquid lipsticks and Stila blushes but there was only one shade of each and  the colors weren’t for me, so I had to pass. What I did get isn’t too shabby, although it wasn’t easy finding everything. The beauty aisles of the TJ Maxx I visited were an absolute wreck. A lot of the packages were tampered with, rip open/empty, or broken. The products weren’t displayed well, they had been piled on top of each other so it took me a good amount of time digging and sorting.

The Items I Picked Up:

Luxe Beauty Care Signature Retinol Spa Treatment Masks- $3 (originally $9.99)

I love face masks so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how many options there were to choose from. I haven’t used the brand Luxe Beauty Care before but the packaging was nice and it came with 5 masks for only $3! That’s only 60 cents per mask!

Velour Silk Lashed- $9.99 (originally $26)

I have seen this brand at Sephora before, so when I saw the $9.99 price tag, I was sold! I haven’t used these before but I am excited to try them out.

Joico Body Luxe Root Lifting Volumizing Foam- $6 (originally $16.99)

I have used multiple Joico  products in the past, but not this one specifically. This smells so amazing, like a tropical vacation!

Kat Von D Lightening Metallic Liners in Hyde & Poe- $7.99 (originally $26 each)

These are AN ABSOLUTE MESS! I highly recommend running in the other direction if you ever see these! I opened the copper one, Hyde and it exploded all over me. There was product all over my chest, arms and face. I figured I got a bad one so I very carefully opened the other shade, Poe, and although it didn’t explode, it did leak all over my hand immediately. I don’t have a photo of these because I returned them! These have been discontinued by Kat Von D Beauty, they are no longer for sale and I can see why.

Faith in Face Pink Clay Foam Facial Cleanser $3.99 (originally $11.99)

I really wanted to try a new cleanser and this says “makes pores pretty” on the bottle therefore I had to grab it! I haven’t tried this yet but I am excited to see if it minimizes the appearance of pores at all.

Joice Co Color Therapy Shampoo & Color Endure Conditioner $7.99 each (originally $14.99 each)

Joico is the color line I use so when I saw a color care shampoo an conditioner by this brand I was really excited! These smell really nice, but I feel like I need to use them for  a while before I’ll see results.

Estee Lauder Scumptous Knock Out $5.99 (originally $10)

This is a travel sized item, definitely not a full sized tube. I am currently using Estee Edit skincare, so I figured why not try out the mascara for $6?

Buxom Liquid Lipstick in Wandress $4.99 (originally $21)

I keep telling myself “stop buying liquid lipsticks, you have to many” but this was only $5 and I knew Buxom was a well known brand sold at Sephora so I couldn’t pass up on this!


Between digging through the shelves and getting broken/messy products, I just wasn’t feeling this haul. I do think I will do this again, being that TJ Maxx gets new items frequently and I did save a lot of money. Maybe I just picked a bad time to go, or maybe the location near me just isn’t maintained well. If I had paid full price, I would have spent $177.95. All together, I spend $65.92 and saved $112.03, so I really cant complain!

I will say if you purchase makeup from a store like this, SANITIZE EVERYTHING BEFORE USING. It goes without saying,  people can be gross; a lot of fingers could potential touch that makeup before it gets to you. Another thing, I feel like these products could be past their expiration dates, especially since they are selling discontinued items. Just be caution when purchasing!

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