Boxy Charm Unboxing: November 2018

I was really on the fence about signing up for Boxy Charm, being that it’s $21 per month- but I will say, I’m glad I did! I opened my first Boxy Charm this month and I was completely blown away with the products I received. Let’s jump right into these goodies:

Cover FX Illuminating Setting Spray

The first item I reached for from my Boxy Charm was this giant bottle of setting Spray from Cover FX. This is a full sized product and I am sooooo excited about it! I have really been into dewy skin lately so I was pleasantly surprised to pull out a full size product that I was in need of for my first item!

The mister on this is so incredibly fine, that at first I thought it wasn’t spraying. I am use to Mac Fix+ which has a much more robust spray. I will say don’t mind the fine mist, I just hold it a little closer to my face and spray a little extra.

The consistency of this is really nice. It wears well throughout the day and makes my skin very reflective and illuminated. I do want to point out the there is a very fine shimmer in this spray, so it you look closely at your skin, you will see a shimmery effect. This product might not be for everyone since because of that, but I really love it!

KNC Beauty Collagen Lip Masks (3)

The second item in my Boxy Charm were these 3 lip masks by KNC Beauty. I haven’t used these yet, but I think it’s a great product to receive, especially three of them!

Luxie Brush x Boxy Charm Travel Brushes (4)

My third Boxy Charm product is so stinking adorable. This pack of brushes came with 4 travel size brushes! The pink and rose gold is really cute and I love the different shapes this kit comes with.

I have used Luxie Brushed in the past so as soon as I opened this I was excited to see a familiar company. Luxie Brushes are great brushes and these are the perfect size to travel with!

Winkie Lux x Boxy Charm Kitten Palette

The fourth item from my Boxy Charm really knocked my socks off– THIS PALETTE IS EVERYTHING!!!!!! I am so in love with the packaging, the pan sizes, the pigmentation, the blend-ability, just everything.

First off, how cute is this packaging?!

The colors are great, ranging from mattes to shimmers and all out metallic. These has an amazing velvety feeling. They wear really well on the eyes and have such a great color scheme. These remind me of the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette being that the pans are the same shape and size, and some colors are similar, like the gold metallic. Check out my quick swatches, these color are soooo gorgeous.

Laqa & Co Cloud Lips Airy Matte Lipstick

The packaging on this is so pretty. I love the rose gold colored tube and I was very intrigued by the shape of the bullet.

I wanted so badly to like this but unfortunately, this product just isn’t for me. I love the color, a dark berry/purple and this did feel comfortable on the lips it just didn’t look good. The applicator wasn’t the best shape for my lips, I prefer a more precise tip.

This bleed immediately and looked like I was drinking too much red kool-aid.  This seemed to really show the texture of my lips and make them look more chapped than they are and the color was patchy. I’m sure if I were to use a lip liner and really scrub my lips with a sugar scrub lip I could get a better application. I just wouldn’t reach for this on my vanity when I have other dark purple lippies that are effortless to apply and wear.


I am extremely happy with this Boxy Charm!

So excited that I signed up for this subscription, its totally worth the $21! I cannot wait to see what comes in my December Box, stay tuned for that unboxing. Let me know in the comment if anyone else is signed up for Boxy Charm and what they received this month.

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