Fenty Beauty Lip Products

Fenty Beauty is a relatively new line sold at Sephora. If you are unfamiliar with this line, it is developed and backed by Rihanna. The name comes from her last name, Fenty. This company  had a huge launch last year and made big waves in the beauty industry. Gaining a ton of recognition for their wide range foundation colors, their blinding highlights and their pigmented lip products, Fenty has definitely made a name for itself quickly.

Of course you guys know I was super curious about this line so I did some digging. Sephora now sells minis so I could resist. I grabbed a mini Bomb Gloss and used my Sephora Points on the Matte Lipstick mini. Lets jump into a full break down on these two products.

Fenty Beauty Bomb Lip Gloss

Let me start by saying I’m not a huge fan of lip glosses in general. I prefer matte or satin lips, just because I feel lip gloss is too sticky and wears off too quickly. However that is NOT the case with the Bomb Gloss by Fenty Beauty.


The texture of this is slick, as you would except from a gloss, but not overall sticky. When you first apply this there isn’t much sticky feeling at all. Over the course of the day it does seem to get a little sticky around where the lips press together, but nothing too worrisome.


The color is beautiful in the tube and on the lips. This is the only shade in this line, being that it a universal color- which means it works with all skin shades. The listing for the product calls it a “high shine, shimmery rose nude”, which is the perfect description. I have fair skin and this looks great on me, plus I’ve seen a ton of models on the sites with a variety of skin tones and they all look amazing!


The scent on this product is to die for! Lately I’ve kind of been over the whole scented makeup fad, but this vanilla/peach scent is the perfect amount of sweet fragrance! So yummy!


Applicator is really big so you can do a quick swipe and be done. If this were an applicator for a colored product I would probably hate it because its bulky but with gloss you don’t need to be insanely precise so the size is fine by me.


This wears really well alone or on top of other lip products. The longevity is fantastic compared to the other glosses I’ve tried; This stays on for hours!!

I’ve worn this over a few different liquid lipstick formulas and it’s held up perfectly on all of them- it didn’t break down the lipsticks or make them feather out. You want to make sure to let the liquid lipstick dry down COMPLETELY, then you won’t ruin the applicator on the lipgloss. If you put gloss over wet lip products you will end up making a mess.

My favorite combinations with this gloss so far are Jeffree Star Rose Matter & ABH Ashton.

Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick

This Matte lipstick was the newer launch from Fenty, coming out just a few weeks ago. The packaging is super cute, very different fro m anything else on my vanity. There are currently 14 shades, ranging from every day nudes/pinks to wild purples/blues.

Formula/ Texture

The formula on this is so creamy for a matte lipstick. I wouldn’t say this is super flat matte, it has more of  matte/satin finish- which makes sense since the finish was models after a rose petal.  I was pretty taken aback by how the felt on my lips, it is so lightweight, it almost seems too good to be true. There were parts of the day I forgot I was wearing this- thats big for any kind of matte formula!!


This glided very smoothly over my lips, which are kind of chapped, so that in itself is amazing. This darker shade, Griselda, is super pigmented, it took a few swipes to get solid coverage, but that typically for most dark lipstick products. I love this deep wine color, it felt very vampy and trendy at the same time!


I had tough time with the shape of this, just because the tip is so rounded to fit the unit. I prefer a sharp tip to line the cupids bow and bottom lip so that was my biggest drawback. This is not a deal breaker for me however because you can easily clean up and define with a small lip brush to get a sharper outline.


This is not transfer proof. I had residue on my straw when sipping my coffee, but nothing catastrophic where you could notice on my lips.

Touching up throughout the day the day was necessary, but easy peasy. When it started to wear down, i just did another quick swipe over my lips and I was good to go. There are some lipsticks that are so drying and matte that if you try to do another layer, they get crunchy and peel- this lipstick didn’t do that at all!


Gloss- I absolutely love the color, texture and wear time on this gloss. I have definitely changed my opinion on not likening gloss, I think I’ve just never found the right formula for me until this came along. Ill be repurchasing the full size asap!

Matt Lipstick- I am very pleased with this lipstick  and it makes me really curious how the lighter shades would wear. I am definitely buying some fun sizes from this line to test out.

If you are curious to try these products, the full sizes are $18 each- available at Sephora. Let me know in the comments if anyone has tried these and what they thought! I was super happy with both products and cant wait to try more from this line!

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