Farsali Unicorn Essence Drops- Worth the Hype?!

I finally took the plunge and bought the Farsali Unicorn Essence Drops. If you aren’t familiar with this product, you must be living under a rock because this is ALLLLL over the internet. Pretty much all of the beauty influencers on IG and Twitter have been talking about this over the last year- whether they love it or hate it- they are talking about it. I was skeptical to grab this product, for a few reasons. I had watched or read multiple reviews saying this either did nothing, smelled terrible or was just hyped up on IG because all of those posts were sponsored. I was so curious that I actually added this to my Sephora cart a few times but did actually check out to purchase it because I was so torn on spending $54. Once I saw this was available in a mini size, I was sold! My curiosity got the best of me so lets dive right into this review!

Price / Quantity

This is available in two sizes, the mini (.34 oz/10ML.) for $20 and full size (1 oz/30 ML) for $54.

If you break down the product amount to the price, you do get more bang for your buck with the larger bottle, being that you are paying $1.80 per ML, (the mini is $2 per ML).


The packaging on this is super cute. The bottle is heavy duty and really sturdy- although if this fell from a good distance, onto something really hard like cement, it might break…. maybe when its empty I should be a durability test and record it to see if it breaks?

The dropper is a great shape and pulls the product out of the bottle perfectly.  I love the purple and gold, the colors play well together and stand out on my vanity! The mini and large are packaged exactly the same except for size.


I heard so many people say this had a strong candy scent that they did not like, and since I can be picky with fragrance, I was really worried about this factor! The first thing I did when this came in the mail was rip it open to smell the serum.

This does smell like candy, being that is has a sweet scent, but it is definitely not overwhelming! I was expecting a strong scent, but in my opinion its fairly subtle. I actually really love the soft sugary smell of this product!


This is a liquid product that is applied with a dropper bottle. It is a serum, so don’t except something thick like your typical primer. The liquid is PINK!  I’m guessing so many people gravitated towards this product to begin with because of the color and name- people love pink and they love unicorns, put them together and you get a best seller- smart marketing Farsali. The ingredients in here are what really drew my attention, including antioxidant rich berries (goji berry, blueberry), which are great for your skin!


This goes onto the skin like a serum, thin and liquid-y. When you rub this into the skin, it feels really nice and hydrating. This absorbs pretty quickly so that you don’t get any oily separation under your makeup. There is no residue or overwhelming sticky feeling to the skin when applied. This can be worn alone of layer under makeup, which is how Ive been using it.

I find my skin looks so much healthier when I wear this under my makeup. It applies so smoothly and looks refreshed. I really think my makeup has look the best it has in a long time using this.

Overall- Is it worth the hype?!

Yes! I will be repurchasing this in a full size as soon as my mini runs out (maybe even before!) I am beyond obsessed with this; I have used it every single day since purchasing! Highly recommend checking this out if you are looking to improve the texture of your skin or the look of your face makeup (foundation, concealers, etc.).

I wouldn’t say this replaced anything in my makeup routine, I am still using a pore filling primer- but I do think this helps the overall appliance of my skin so I am happy to add the extra step for a beautiful finish.

What are you thoughts? Have you ever tried this product, or the Rose Gold Oil that Farsali carries? Let me know in the comment below.

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