Kylie Cosmetics- Velvet Lipsticks & Glosses Review

My first purchase ever from the very popular Kylie Cosmetics was a few weeks ago! The only products from this brand I have tried prior to this was a matte lip kit (lip liner & matte liquid lipstick) in the shade Vixen. It was a gift from my ride or die cousin who knows my makeup obsession all too well. I really loved the color of the product, however it is insanely drying after wearing it for hours. When first applying the liquid lipstick wasn’t terrible, but over the course of the day it did dry out my lips a lot. I have since worn this  a few times, mainly for special events since it’s so dark and dramatic, plus it only wears well for a few hours at a time.

Since that experience, I wasn’t too big on trying more Kylie Cosmetic Products until I found out about the Velvet formula. I was super curious about the Velvet Lipsticks because I assumed the texture would be softer and maybe a tad bit more hydrating. I was pumped when I saw the 2 for $20 sale and figured it was the best time to try more products from Kylie Cosmetics.

When I purchased these I got a GREAT deal- the website was hosting a 2 for $20 sale, plus I signed up for the mailing list and received a $10 off coupon code for my first order. I spent $44 on 5 products. Had I purchased this without the sale and coupon code, I would have spent $76, so I save $32 total! Shipping was free because I grabbed more than $40 worth of products. Lets jump right into quick swatches and product breakdown.

Lip Liner in Dirty Peach

This lip liner applies very smoothly, no skipping or tugging.  The color is gorgeous and wears well on the lips. I’ve worn this a few times now, once under a liquid lip and once under a gloss, both times it wore fantastic! These liners are stunning and comfortable on the lips. The one thing to keep in mind- this is so creamy that you should be extra careful- I broke mine while swatching. I’m not too happy about that, but I must have applied too much pressure since the entire tip snapped clean off. I’m hopeful that wouldn’t happen on the lips. Regardless, I like the color and formula of this a lot!

Velvet Lipstick in Birthday Suit

I was on the fence with this shade. It’s a neutral color, which I’m into, but it’s a bit on the yellow side. I typically go for cool toned neutrals- ashy browns or straight up nudes. To be honest, I’m not sure if I would have purchased this if there were still other colors in stock online. I did think this was pretty, it just wasn’t my first choice. Since things were selling out so quickly I just added this to my cart before check out and I am so glad I did! I wore this (without liner or gloss) and it looked so beautiful and natural- but different enough to stand out. This inspired me to do my makeup a little different that day too and step out of my go to look. Very pleased with this, I can see myself reaching for it quite often!

Velvet Lipstick in Punk

This color is more my speed. I like grunge-y looking colors that could fit in the music scene in the 90’s. I was drawn to this color on the website so I decided to grab it thinking I coudl get a lit of use out of a darker shade like this. These lipsticks are extremely opaque! One swipe across the lips and your good to go. This color is really trendy right now, that 90’s rocker glam is definitely in style and I love it.

Velvet Lipsticks Formula

The formula on these is 10000% better than the matte lipsticks. Not overly drying which is great. It feels very velvety after drying down, so its appropriately named. I did find that these were not transfer proof, but that’s not a huge concern for me. After about 4 hours, and a meal, I did need to reapply to the center of my lips. As long as you don’t mind a quick touch up, these are definitely worth checking out! These have a slight vanilla scent too which is nice and not overwhelming.

Lip Gloss in Damn Gina

This is shade is more on the cool side with a purple undertone when swatched. On lips this is high shine and super sparkly! I love this and think I’ll be reaching for it a lot. The color is beautiful and going to be extra bling-y in the sunlight this summer! The glitter in this is serious!!!

Lip Gloss in Cupid

This gloss is pretty much metallic rose gold. I put this on the lips thinking it would be a sparkly top coat kind of gloss, but let me tell you this is pigmented!! This covered the lipstick I was wearing underneath and totally stole the show. I honestly don’t know how often I would reach for this because its like BAM in your face glow. Its gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, it’s just really pink and high shine for my typical everyday looks. Here’s a photo of one swipe of Cupid over Punk so you can see how pigmented this Gloss is!

Lip Gloss Formula

Surprisingly, these aren’t overly sticky or slimy but they are thick! The formula on this is a nice balance of slight tacky feeling but enough slip that it is not annoying to wear. I am really loving these glosses honestly. They are pretty long wearing, which is kind of unheard of for glosses. I don’t know how I feel about the brush applicator- I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. The brush collects so much product and applies it pretty thick.


I am really happy I grabbed these items. The packaging is flawless, the units come with a lot of product and honestly I think I’ll be getting more Velvet Lipstick and liners soon!

I have officially only tried the lip products from Kylie Cosmetics but I’m extremely curious about the blushes and highlighters… Have you tried products from Kylie Cosmetics? Let me know in the comments what products I should try next!

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