Tati Westbrook’s New Brand- Everything We Know So Far

Today was the big reveal of Tati Westbrooks brand, which has been long awaited by her GlamLifeGuru followers- me included. If you are unfamiliar with Tati Westbrook, she is a very popular beauty guru who films reviews, tutorials, and more beauty related content. Her Youtube channel (glamlifeguru) has a huge following.

On Monday, Tati mentioned that she was launching a brand, but left it very vague. Her video on Tuesday was a FAQ’s about the brand and went into some detail. Today, we found out the details on the brand- including name, products, pricing, etc. Let jump right into this!

Screenshot of Glamlifeguru Youtube

What is the brand name?

Halo Beauty. Tati named her line Halo Beauty and explained that she felt the name represented her and her style. She mentions the word halo being pure, like her brand will be. I totally agree that the word halo goes hand in hand with Tati and her views. She has an angelic quality about her and always promotes health, inner beauty and being a positive person. I think the name is really cute, easy to remember and of course all you Beyonce fans can now sing your heart out to both Queen Bey and Queen Tati… “let me see your haloooooo, ooooooo”

What products will be sold by this brand?

Halo Beauty launch will be for one specific product. That product is a Hair, Skin & Nail Booster. This is a vitamin that is ingested orally, 2 pills in the morning and you’re done!

Screenshot of Glamlifeguru Youtube

How does it work?

This product works to hydrate and strengthen your hair, skin and nails. These are taken daily and you will see results within 3 weeks.

What is the price?

Each bottle will be $39.95 and it will include 60 pills (a one month supply).

Where will it be available?

This will be available ONLINE ONLY, via Tati’s website- halobeauty.com. Please be mindful and do not purchase from anywhere but her site (people sell harmful fakes very often in the beauty industry so don’t fall victim to that.)

Screenshot of  Halobeauty.com

When will this be available?

This is will launching THIS WEEK on Friday 03/02 at 10am PST.

Who are the investors?

Tati is doing this brand 100% by herself. There are no investors or collabs.

Is this privately labeled?

No! Privately labels means that a company buys fully developed products and just adds their label. This is not the case with this brand, Tati created the products, the packing, labels, and everything. This is not up-cycled or rebranded product, it is custom created for the Halo Beauty brand.

Are there harsh products or chemicals?

No! This is free of harsh chemicals, fillers, and animal byproducts.

Is this cruelty free?

Yes! This brand is cruelty free, meaning it is no testing on animals.
Is this vegan?

Yes this is completely vegan! This was made with no animal products or byproducts!

One thing that was not mentioned was the ingredient list- this will be listed on the psychical bottle as well as on the website on Friday so you can view before purchasing.


It has only been a few hours since the big reveal and people don’t seem to be very happy about it. So far, I am seeing a ton of negative feedback online saying that they ‘expected more of Tati”. The most common remark I am seeing is that people are disappointed its not makeup…. Honestly, this was Tati’s decision to start her brand this way. If you are familiar with her channel, you know she’s huge on skincare and haircare.

I want to see a makeup line too, but we all have to start somewhere. Launching a product is a ton of work, PLUS she uploads quality content 5 times a week. This brand will expand when the time is right.

My thoughts– Am I purchasing?

The appearance of Tati’s hair, nails and skin is always flawless so of course that makes me want to try this out. I value Tati’s opinion and I try a lot of the products she gives good reviews on, so I am hopeful that this will be a great product.

I will be purchasing this on Friday and doing a FULL review so that I can share my thoughts with you after using the product. Although I do love Tati, this upcoming review will be 100% honest! I will be documenting my skin, hair and nails over the three/four weeks to see if there is an improvement and if I will buy again. Stay tuned for that!

What do you guys think? Are you excited to try this or are you disappointed? Let me know in the comments below!

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One thought on “Tati Westbrook’s New Brand- Everything We Know So Far

  1. I am excited for Tati! She’s one of my favorite Beauty Gurus, and I honestly trust her reviews more than anyone else I watch. I don’t think I’ll be purchasing, at least not right away. While I trust Tati would only put her name on the best, I’m allergic to a lot of herbs and plants, etc. I am happy for her launch, though!


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