Patrick Starrr x MAC: Floral Realness Full Review

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts over the past month- I am back and ready to review new launches for you all! This go around I wanted to talk about the Mac Cosmetics collab with Patrick Starrr. If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Starrr here a little rundown: Patrick Starrr is a Makeup Artist/ Youtuber/ Beauty Influencer who started out in the beauty world working at Mac Cosmetics. Since working at Mac, Patrick has created a huge following with his amazing makeup looks, technique and his over the top personality. If you’ve never seen a Patrick Starrr tutorial or Youtube video I highly recommend his channel, he does BEAUTIFUL makeup and has a fun upbeat personality that really shines through his videos. Patrick recently paired up with Mac Cosmetics to launch seasonal makeup kits.¹ This is the Spring launch, Floral Realness which had two different kits- Me so Fleek and Me So Chic. The kits were very similar but the colors varied. I picked up the Me So Chic Kit so lets jump right into the details!

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If you read my reviews you know I am a sucker for packaging and let me tell you I was blown away by the packing on this collection. Obviously, I expected floral imagery as the collection is called Floral Realness but this packaging is floral with a spin! The image on the individual units is like a floral kaleidoscope with the mandala-like pattern. I love the baby pink and the floral detailing! So beautiful and stands out a lot compared to the tradition black Mac lipstick tubes. Also how gorgeous is this face chart that came with the kit!

Product Breakdown

The Me So Chic kit includes 4 items:

  • Eyeshadow Quad (4 colors) “Stay with Me” 
  • Lipstick, “Sweet Mamastarrr”
  • Lipglass, “Mamastarrr Kiss”
  • Blush Duo, “I’m Not Blushing”

Stay With Me Eyeshadow Quad

The Stay With Me Eyeshadow Quad includes four shades- Daddystarrr, Yesss, Queen Patrick and Bon Nuit.

These blend out pretty well on the eye and are buttery to the touch. There’s a bit of fallout but nothing too crazy. The colors are SUPER pigmented and pair very well with each other. This includes three formulas- two mattes shades, one pearl and one frost.

You can do a subtle sophisticated look with these shades or a fun bold look! With only 4 shades I do like this color scheme a lot because you can make a few different looks! Purple shadows are tough to get right but I am really liking these. 

I’m Not Blushing Blush Duo

The I’m Not Blushing blush duo has a bronze-y matte shade paired with a lighter sheer peach-y shade. I typically prefer my products to be in separate pans, or separated by a divider but these two shades just work so well together! I swirl my blush brush into this compact, over both colors, and apply to the cheeks. The color is so beautiful and build-able, you can go a light flush of color or layer it up for a bold blush look.

This formula on this is great, it applies evenly without any patches. The pan size is definitely large enough that you can just grab one shade if you don’t want to mix the two. Out of everything in this bundle I reach for this the most! 

Sweet Mamastarrr Lipstick

Sweet Mamastarrr Lipstick is creamy and dreamy! I really love the shade, light pink with a very creamy finish. This applies to the lips so smoothly and lasts for quite a while. I typically go for matte lips, but this shade and formula is just sooooo nice. 

Mamastarrr Kiss Lipglass

Mamastarrr Kiss Lipglass has the shiniest finish ever and the perfect amount of sparkle! I love to use this on top of my Sweet Mamastarrr lipstick or really any lipstick. This gloss isn’t sticky or tacky, it glides on evenly and wears really well! 


I looked up the average individual items at Mac with similar layouts (example quad eyeshadow palettes and duo blushes from different collabs and/or launches). If you were to buy individual items from Mac with the same set up you wood be looking at $102 worth of product. 

  • Average Mac Quad Eyeshadow -$33
  • Average Mac Lipstick -$18.50
  • Average Mac Lipglass- $17.50 
  • Average Mac Blush Duo- $33

This kit was $49.50— thats $52.50 of savings!!!! I love that this was priced right under $50 for the entire kit. Makeup is expensive and with so many new launches its nice to see a high end brand do something thats reasonably priced (for Mac, don’t get me wrong $50 is a lot of money, but that’s expected with high end brands.) 


I love this kit! If I didn’t already own this I would 100% repurchase. The colors are beautiful, the packaging is insane and I just love the whole kit so much! Here’s a look I created using two of the shadows, blush and lipstick.

Sorry it took so long to get this post up- I want to fully test out my new items before reviewing as I feel a full on review after thoroughly using the product is more beneficial than “first impressions” type reviews.

¹I am assuming this is a seasonal launch as Patrick just announced a Summer collection and he’s already done two with Mac this year. I think its safe to say this will go on at least until the Fall to complete the full year.

As always thanks so much for reading- Don’t forget to follow my Blog, and Instagram, bewitchingmakeup 

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