Natasha Denona Mini Sunset Palette

I’ve been so curious about the Natasha Denona cosmetics line, but honestly it’s out of my budget. The eyeshadow palettes I’ve seen listed in the past on Sephora were between $150-250. Those palettes contained around 15-20+ pans, so they were large with a lot of color options, but definitely pricey.

When I saw this Mini Sunset Palette listed for $25 I immediately added it to my Sephora cart and figured this would be my best chance at trying the Natasha Denona formula since I don’t seem myself spending over $100+ on a palette at this point in my makeup career. Hopefully that changes because I would LOVE to review more luxury items if I could swing it finically. But I digress, I grabbed this palette and could not wait for it to be delivered. Unfortunately because of the weather my package was delayed so I got it a few days later than I should have but I did receive it none the less.

Natasha Denona Mini Sunset Palette (ouster cardboard unit) 

I pulled this out of the mailer and I couldn’t believe the size… I know its called “Mini” but this thing is so itty bitty. It’s really adorable how small it is, heres a comparison of it next to a primer (Dr. Brandt Pores No More Luminizer Primer).

Natasha Denona Mini Sunset Palette & Dr. Brandt Pores No More Luminizer Primer 

The size of this is not an issue for me because the pan size is big enough to get a brush in and it’s a great size to travel with! I’ve used this a few times now and I haven’t even put a dent into the pans so theres a good amount of product in this mini palette.


The Natasha Denona Mini Sunset Palette is a white plastic unit with a clear flip top. The cover is attached at the top and flips down securely to close. The brand name is displayed on the clear top- very simple and classic looking.

The shade names are not listed in the front, buy they are clearly listed on the big of the palette.

Color/ Texture

This palette included 5 shades- all warm tones colors. There are 2 mattes and 3 shimmers. These are all new shades from Natasha Denona, so these are not found in the original full size Sunset Palette, which is a little confusing. These colors are the same color family being warm, sunset-esque colors.

Colors in order from left to right:

  • Guava- matte peach-y tan
  • Apollo- shimmery cranberry red
  • Dirty Mars- matte rich brown
  • Sun Be a- shimmery bronze-y/ copper
  • Halo- shimmery champagne


The formula on this is nice. These are buttery and smooth to the touch.

There isn’t much kick back  when dipping the brush into the pan- this is pretty amazing being the the packaging is white, you would immediately notice if these shadows made mess but they don’t.

These blend out fairly easy on the eyes. They did need a little work to create a smooth transition which surprised me.  A lot of reviews I’ve seen have say how Natasha Denona’s palettes are priced so high because they blend easy peasy. These did blend okay but not extraordinarily better than other palettes I have.

I applied using a fluffy brush for the mattes and they were surprisingly more pigmented on the eye than I thought they would be. I assumed I would go in with a bit of shadow, blend out and dip back in to layer (like I normally do with most shadows) but I didn’t even need to! One dip into this was enough to blend my crease out completely. It wasn’t the most effortless blend ever as it took a few minutes to blend properly, however the pigmentation was there.

The shimmers applied well too, some better than others. The maroon shimmer Apollo went on like a breeze. I barely even dipped my brush in and I got enough product to cover my lid and blend out. The lighter gold color and champagne shades Sun Beam and Halo are beautiful as well but not as pigmented when blending onto the lid, so I did use a setting stay on my brush to enhance the colors.


These wore really beautifully throughout the day. The shimmers did not crease or move around on my eye lids! I should mention that I did not prime my eye lids at all before using this and it still lasted throughout the day.

Obviously, if you dont like warm colors this wouldn’t be for you. I do think you can create a lot of pretty looks using these 5 colors since the textures and mattes work so well with each other.


Let’s start off this part as saying these are not 100% duplicates (especially the last one). The reason I am including this is because I find the texture of this Sunset Palette to be very similar to the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette. The colors are similar and you could make very similar eye looks PLUS MORE using the Jaclyn Hill Palette which comes with 35 eyeshadows for $38. I have a full review with swatches of all 38 colors if you are instead in more info on the Jaclyn Hill Palette.


I love when high end/ luxury brands come out with minis so that the everyday beauty lover can try it out without breaking the bank! I would give this a 6.5/10. I like the colors a lot and they wear beautifully throughout the day. I would have rated in higher if it were easy to blend and if it were cheaper since I find my Jaclyn Hill palette so similar and way less cost per color.

Has anyone tried the Natasha Denona full sized palettes? I’m thinking maybe the formula was changed… Let me know in the comments what you all think!

Thanks for reading!

Farsali Unicorn Essence Drops- Worth the Hype?!

I finally took the plunge and bought the Farsali Unicorn Essence Drops. If you aren’t familiar with this product, you must be living under a rock because this is ALLLLL over the internet. Pretty much all of the beauty influencers on IG and Twitter have been talking about this over the last year- whether they love it or hate it- they are talking about it. I was skeptical to grab this product, for a few reasons. I had watched or read multiple reviews saying this either did nothing, smelled terrible or was just hyped up on IG because all of those posts were sponsored. I was so curious that I actually added this to my Sephora cart a few times but did actually check out to purchase it because I was so torn on spending $54. Once I saw this was available in a mini size, I was sold! My curiosity got the best of me so lets dive right into this review!

Price / Quantity

This is available in two sizes, the mini (.34 oz/10ML.) for $20 and full size (1 oz/30 ML) for $54.

If you break down the product amount to the price, you do get more bang for your buck with the larger bottle, being that you are paying $1.80 per ML, (the mini is $2 per ML).


The packaging on this is super cute. The bottle is heavy duty and really sturdy- although if this fell from a good distance, onto something really hard like cement, it might break…. maybe when its empty I should be a durability test and record it to see if it breaks?

The dropper is a great shape and pulls the product out of the bottle perfectly.  I love the purple and gold, the colors play well together and stand out on my vanity! The mini and large are packaged exactly the same except for size.


I heard so many people say this had a strong candy scent that they did not like, and since I can be picky with fragrance, I was really worried about this factor! The first thing I did when this came in the mail was rip it open to smell the serum.

This does smell like candy, being that is has a sweet scent, but it is definitely not overwhelming! I was expecting a strong scent, but in my opinion its fairly subtle. I actually really love the soft sugary smell of this product!


This is a liquid product that is applied with a dropper bottle. It is a serum, so don’t except something thick like your typical primer. The liquid is PINK!  I’m guessing so many people gravitated towards this product to begin with because of the color and name- people love pink and they love unicorns, put them together and you get a best seller- smart marketing Farsali. The ingredients in here are what really drew my attention, including antioxidant rich berries (goji berry, blueberry), which are great for your skin!


This goes onto the skin like a serum, thin and liquid-y. When you rub this into the skin, it feels really nice and hydrating. This absorbs pretty quickly so that you don’t get any oily separation under your makeup. There is no residue or overwhelming sticky feeling to the skin when applied. This can be worn alone of layer under makeup, which is how Ive been using it.

I find my skin looks so much healthier when I wear this under my makeup. It applies so smoothly and looks refreshed. I really think my makeup has look the best it has in a long time using this.

Overall- Is it worth the hype?!

Yes! I will be repurchasing this in a full size as soon as my mini runs out (maybe even before!) I am beyond obsessed with this; I have used it every single day since purchasing! Highly recommend checking this out if you are looking to improve the texture of your skin or the look of your face makeup (foundation, concealers, etc.).

I wouldn’t say this replaced anything in my makeup routine, I am still using a pore filling primer- but I do think this helps the overall appliance of my skin so I am happy to add the extra step for a beautiful finish.

What are you thoughts? Have you ever tried this product, or the Rose Gold Oil that Farsali carries? Let me know in the comment below.

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Jeffree Star x Manny MUA Bundle: Worth the Hype?!

I have seen a ton of Instagram posts about the collaboration between Jeffree Star and Many Mua. As of lately, there has been a ton of “news” (drama) between these two, but regardless of that I still wanted to review their collab for you guys.

If you aren’t familiar with these two beauty gurus- Jeffree & Manny- are very talented Beauty Influencers who collaborate on tons of tutorial & review videos on Youtube. These two are extremely knowledge in the beauty industry so when they released a collab, I was sooooo excited to check it out!


I was luck enough to score this on Black Friday for $30, so I saved pretty big. This retails for $50 on; If you were to buy these products individually, it would be $65 so the bundle is definitely a great deal.

Product Overview

With this bundle you receive 3 FULL SIZED products: (pictured below)

  • “I’m Shook” Velour Liquid Lipstick
  • “Daddy” Velour Liquid Lipstick
  • “Uranus” Skin Frost Highlight


The outermost packaging is a thin black cardboard sleeve with the with a holographic collab logo. When we remove the sleeve we see a good sized black box with JSC and Manny MUA logos all over. The matte black and shiny black play very well with each other and make the cardboard unit very sleek and stylish.

When we open the box, it’s looks like this- with the items placed in individual slots so that they don’t slide around. I LOVE the attention to detail on this packaging!

The packaging on the actual products are great too, very durable and sturdy. I am familiar with the liquid lipstick tubes. I am a big fan of the size and shape of the applicator which hugs the lips so well and created a very crisp line.

The Skin Frost was waaaaayyyyy bigger than I expected! I new the compact were pretty large, but this blew my mind.

The mirror is fantastic and the product is pressed beautifully into the pan. It’s so pretty I almost didn’t want to touch it… but of course I did, I had to show off some swatches!

Product Swatches

  • “I’m Shook” Velour Liquid Lipstick is listed on the website as a “medium toned burnt coral”

  • “Daddy” Velour Liquid Lipstick is listed on the website as a “cool tone brown”

  • “Uranus” Skin Frost Highlight doesn’t have a website description but it is a very blinding gold!

Product Performance

The velour liquid lipsticks from Jeffree Star Cosmetics are one of my favorite liquid lipstick formulas. I love the way these look on the lips, plus they aren’t too uncomfortable. My one piece of advise would be to prep your lips before applying any of these so that you get the ultimate wear experience.

The Uranus skin frost is so blinding, it’s out of this world (get it, space joke there since its called Uranus). The texture is a lot different than what I am use to- its very chunky and glittery, so just be mindful if you are purchasing this that it is glittery. If you love the color but hate the texture of a chunky highlighter, no problem, you can apply this to the cheeks and then tap it with a dampened makeup sponge to make this look more melted into the skin and less heavy. This wears beautifully on the skin either way. Super pigmented when applying with a dry brush and even more pigmented with a dampened brush! I have been loving this to highlight the inner corner of my eyes as well as cheekbones for an ALL OVER glow.

Overall– Is it worth the  hype?!

YESSSSS, I am loving all three product that came in this bundle! The colors are all so beautiful and different from each other so you can make a lot of looks with these products. I am so thrilled I was able to score this on sale!

Have you guys and gals every tried Jeffree Star Cosmetics? Let me know in comments what your favs are!

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Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette: In-Depth Review & Swatches: It is Worth the Hype? 

The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette is one of those products that is so buzzed about and hyped up on social media, it almost seems too good to be true. I had to get my hands on this and do a no holds bar review! We will be dividing in deep with this one, discussing everything from ordering the palette, swatches, textures, colors, price and the most important part: is it really worth the hype?!

Who is Jaclyn Hill?

If you aren’t familiar with Jaclyn Hill, she is a make up artist and beauty influencer who has a very popular YouTube channel. Jaclyn has partnered with Morphe in the past to do a “favorites palette” showcasing her favorite Morphe shadows. In that collab she was asked to just pick from the already manufactured eyeshadows to create a palette. Think of this collab as her filling up an empty Z Palette with her favorite individual eyeshadows.

What Makes This Palette Custom?

This time around was much different for Jaclyn being that The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette is a product of her own imagination. Jaclyn helped with the colors, textures, finishes, etc. One of the processes she spoke about when launching was the pressing process. Each color is pressed into the pan to a certain degree in order to give you the ideal color payoff. If a color is pressed too hard, it can be difficult to lift the pigment from the pan to your brush. If a color is packed too lightly, there can be a ton of fall out when you dip your brush in to pick up product. Jaclyn had these shadow represses over and over and over making sure the consistency was perfect. Each color in this palette is individually packed to the desired amount for that particular shade (meaning instead of pressing all of the shadows with same amount of pressure, each color has a certain amount of pressure applied to make sure the color is perfect.) This was a very lengthy process that Jaclyn dedicated herself to for 2 years! Talk about anticipation..


This palette was originally launched in June 2017 and has since been restocked a few times. I wanted this so incredibly bad the first time around but I just couldn’t get on the website fast enough, being that it sold out within the first hour. This last restock, I was READY! I had two computer screens up side by side with the Morphe website at 10:45am, just waiting for the 11am banner to say “IN STOCK” (I live on the east coast, it was live 8am on the west coast). As soon as 11am hit I clicked on the Jaclyn Hill Palette link and placed it in my cart! I will mention I was surprised that I couldn’t buy more than 1 palette, but I understand it’s a sought after item and I shouldn’t be so greedy.


The palette is $38 and the shipping charge was $7.95, so overall I spent $45.95.

If you were to break this down, from the subtotal price, each shadow would be $1.09.

If you were to break this down from the overall total, each shadow would be $1.43.


I ordered this on Tuesday 08/22 and it was to my house by Saturday 08/26. Insanely fast delivery! This was packaged well, even bubble wrapped inside the box, which is always nice!


This palette comes in a cardboard unit that it a heavy duty quality, yet lightweight. This isn’t the fanciest, or most innovative packaging ever; very standard as far as cardboard palettes go. The white and silver color scheme on the outside of the palette is very chic, I like how subtle yet elegant the front is. I could tell right away that this packaging is going to show wear and tear being thats is bright white; pigment will show up on the outside of the unit if you’re not careful.

The color names are NOT listed anywhere on the actual palette! This isn’t a huge deal for the everyday makeup wearer, but it is an issue for beauty bloggers/influencers being that you want know the shade name when doing tutorials, etc.

One downside of this palette is that there is no mirror- at all. Where a mirror would normally lay, theres a note instead that reads, “This palette is dedicated to all my loving subscribers. XO Jaclyn”.  Thats cute and all, but what I did was tape the card insert with the color names so I could reference it in the future.

Colors/ Finishes

There are 35 shades in this palette, ranging in color families and finishes. There are mattes, shimmers, foils, cool tones, warm tones, neutral tones- pretty much everything you could ask for in a palette. The one thing I will nitpick is there is no matte white shade (I’m a strict believer in having a pure white and pure black in every palette!), but really this isn’t a huge deal, as there are two shimmery off white shades. The individual pans are a good size, this is definitely a generous palette when it comes to product amount.


The matte shades in here are so creamy compared to other matte shades, I was really blow away when I first touched these. The shimmers almost feel wet on the fingers when you swirl into the pans. All of there colors swatch beautifully on the arm and wear so well on the eye. These blend out really well although I did see some patchy areas with the shimmery shades when applied with a brush. I definitely recommend spraying you brush first and picking up the product wet, or use your fingers to warm up the shadow when applying. These are very soft shadows so there is a bit of fall out in the palette, however I haven’t noticed any fall out of my face when applying these.


These swatches were done of bare, clean skin. I did not use any primers on my skin before switching. I have inserted the color names into the photos to make it easier for everyone to understand. The swatches are done per row, (I started at the elbow and worked my way to the wrist, so technically these are the rows backwards, sorry about that). 



Pros & Cons

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 3.48.48 PM


Overall, I think this palette is absolutely gorgeous and an insane deal. These are currently sold out of the Morphe website, but I have heard rumors of another launch for this!!


This is not a sponsored post/AD. I purchased this palette with my own money.

This is my personal opinion. If you disagree, thats totally fine. Different opinions are welcome here and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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Milk Blur Stick: Worth the Hype?! 

I’ve heard soon much hype about the Milk Blur Stick! Mostly on IG, there are millions of tutorials with beautiful full faced looks, all starting with this product.  I personally like high end face products because my skin breaks out, so this was something that really peeked my interest. Luckily for me, the Milk Blur Stick was in one of my Sephora Play boxes, so I got to try it out without buying a full sized version.

What’s all the hype about?

This product is listed for sale on for $36. It is said to reduce the appearance of pores & fine lines all while keeping your makeup looking great all day long! I had to know if this is something that was just hype on IG or if it was the real deal. Let’s dive a little deeper into packaging, application, texture, similar products, and most importantly does it live up to the hype?


The packaging on this is pretty straight forward, nothing too cute. This type of packaging is similar to deodorant, where you twist the bottom to reveal the product dispensing at the top. I absolutely love twist up products like this, they are super easy to use and quick to apply.


This does seem to glide right over the skin, but almost the effect that its not transferring the product on. I swiped this along my forehead and cheek area and it almost felt like there was nothing on my skin. I know that sounds like a good thing, lightweight makeup, but its not. I feel like this is just so light and subtle that I wasn’t getting the payoff I wanted. I did reapply over the same area with a few swipes to make sure it was rubbing onto the skin. I know it did transfer on because you can see the product dwindling in the package but it jut felt like nothing was happening.


This is a solid product that I am just not use to. Typically, primers are a similar consistency to lotion or a gel like serum. This is smooth to the touch and feels like it would dry down to a soft powder finish. I do like the way it feels on my fingers when I swatch this, but I just don’t feel that same texture on my face. I will say my skin feels smooth after gliding this over, but it doesn’t feel insanely improved and there was no visible difference in my pores or fine lines.

I did follow up with foundation and concealer to see if maybe this just didn’t blur by itself and had to have product layered over it. Even still, I didn’t notice any blurring effects and my pores were still gigantic.

Similar Products

Some similar products that I am familiar with are Benefit Porefessional and Urban Decay DeSlick Complexion Primer. These two products are a more gel/cream like consistency rather than a solid, like this Milk Blur Stick. I much prefer these two products over the Blur Stick, because they actually work. The Benefit primer is very soft, velvety texture on the skin and definitely helps with pores. This is available in two sizes at Sephora, listed at $12 or $31. The Urban Decay primer is a dry, matte primer that hold all day to keep the skin from getting oily, and also helps with fine lines and pores (I do not recommend the Deslick if you have dry skin). This primer is $34 at Sephora.

Does it live up to the Hype?

Nope! This really feels like a joke, did I get a bad batch or something? I feel like this didn’t do anything to improve the look of my skin, nor did it make my makeup last longer. I am sooooo happy I receive this in my Sephora box and didn’t drop $36 on a full sized container. Save you money! Or better yet, go pick up some Porefessional or DeSlick, they work way better.

Side note

This is my personal opinion. I am not trying to bash companies or products, I just want to give my honest review on a product in hopes I am helping others save there money and time on products that are just Instagram popular and not actually amazing items. If this products works for you and you completely disagree with me, that’s totally okay! Everyone has different skin with different need and wants.

Let me know in the comments below how you guys and gals feel about the Milk Blur Stick. Am I applying it wrong on layering it incorrectly? I truly want to know why people love this so much because I thought it was a total let down.

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