Fit Me by Maybelline Review

Maybelline’s Fit Me line has been around for quite some time. I was an avid user of the Fit Me Bronzer and Blush for years. Recently, I’ve seen tons of Youtubers and Beauty Influencers recommending the Fit Me Foundations, Concealers and Powders for their favorite drug store products so I figured I would give it try! I was able to grab the “Matte & Poreless” foundation and powder in my color but the Concealer was all sold out in my shade.


This  “Matte & Poreless” foundation is packaged really beautiful for an inexpensive brand! This comes in a glass bottle with a black cap. The lettering is a sleek black and teal; overall very nice presentation. I do wish this had a pump on it, rather than just an opening to pour the product out, but that’s just a personal preference.

This blends into the skin nicely and wears well throughout the day. I would recommend a beauty sponge instead of a brush- just because the formula is thick, I’ve seen better results using a sponge.

The formula is matte, however that’s the final product after I powder. I never wear foundation alone . My skin does not get oily wearing this which is great! If you have dry skin, or dry patches, this might not be the best product for you. I did notice the product grabbing on to areas of dry skin on my cheeks when I wore it without a moisturizing primer (but that’s because my skin is combo and this winter has been rough!)  I wouldn’t say the poreless claim is true. If you have large pores, I  would recommend a pore minimizing primer with this- Benefit’s Porefessional or NYX Pore Filler are great- so that you can get a smoother overall appearance.

This foundation is very build-able, which I love! I can do a thin layer for a carefree makeup day, or layer it up for more glam days (I recommend letting it dry before a second coat)! The coverage is really nice when it comes to acne, I like how opaque this is over red areas, dark circles and imperfections. I will say that this took my a few tries to really love. The first few times I went too heavy with the products and felt very cakey. Just be mindful of your application- thin layers, with a few minutes in between to dry will give you the best results!


The loose powder is packaged well, the cap unscrews easily and the powder is secure under a plastic sifter. I love that it comes out slow enough so you don’t end up with a huge dust cloud and you can kind of control the amount of product you want to dispense, since the sifter is sized appropriately. The unit is plastic, but very durable. Keeping with the theme, it also has sleek black cap.

The texture on this powder is lovely! It is soft and finely milled so it applies flawlessly to the skin. This does seem to give a little extra coverage, since its a tinted powder, rather than a translucent powder. I would compare the texture to Cody Air Spun because it has that soft, velvet touch. This powder is not scented at all.

If you have pale skin- the 05 Fair shade is wonderful for baking the undereyes!! I have fair skin and most powders are too dark to highlight the under eye area. This however works really well! I use a sponge to set my bake under the eyes and then brush it off with a large fluffy brush. I then use that same large brush to buff the powder into he remainder of my face.  I would highly recommend using this sparingly- too much powder can give you cake face!


I really love both of these items! I find myself reaching for the powder a lot, it’s just the perfect shade for my fair skin. The foundation is great to have too, I tend to grab for it when I am having breakouts or if the bags under my eyes are really dark- the coverage is real!

These products are $5.99 each, so you really can’t go wrong grabbing both for $12! If you haven’t tried these, its worth giving it a go. Just be mindful of your skin type and the amount of product you are using- like I mentioned above it took me a few times to realize I was applying too much at first, this stuff is pigmented!

Now that I’ve tried this Matte & Poreless, I really want to try the Dewy & Smooth! Let me know in the comments if you would like to read a review on that one too!

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First Impressions: Glam Glow Blue Sonic Mask

Once again, my curiosity has been peeked after seeing the same product all over Instagram. It seems every beauty gurus out there uses or promotes the Glam Glow Gravity Mud Firming Treatment, which is a shiny blue peel of mask. Glam Glow is known for their high end masks, which will cost you a pretty penny.

This is the .5 oz unit which retails at $22. The larger unit is $69 for 1.7 oz. I purchased my mask through Sephora, also for sale on the Glam Glow website. Like always, let’s break this down and find out if it really is worth the hype!


Obviously this is a special product because of the packaging, being that it’s a collectors edition. I got the Tails container; there was also a Sonic one and a Knuckles one.

Smell & Texture

I don’t like the smell of this AT ALL, however I think I may be alone on that opinion. This has a very tropical scent, to me I smell coconut alcohol  and sun screen. I know, most people love that scent but I personally do not and I didn’t expect it at all.

The texture is thick and gel like at first. It spreads pretty far on the face as you rub it in, so I suggest going in with a little and add from there.


The package does say to avoid the eyebrows and hairline, so be mindful when using this, don’t rip your hair out!

This dried pretty quickly. Because it said to leave on for 30 minutes, I thought this would stay wet for a while, or at least be tacky. However, within about 5 minutes this was dry to the touch. Running my fingers over this was interesting. The mask did not budge, slide, or even come off onto my fingers. It was completely locked in place on my skin. The mask was very smooth all over except for my forehead, which felt rough to the touch. I wonder if this is because my forehead is my oily area?

This is a firming mask, so expect a tightening feeling when wearing this!

Removing the Mask

This peels off very easily. I used the pad of my finger to roll the edge of this until I was able to get a good piece lifted off of my chin. From there I slowly pulled the mask away from my skin and it very gently peeled off. I was a little nervous to remove this, but it wasn’t painful or difficult, much to my surprise! When I pulled this off of my face, you could literally see indentations from my pores on the strips of mask. That shows you how this really penetrates pores to remove dirt and oil.

My skin felt very tight and smooth when I took this off. I rinsed with warm water, dried my skin and then followed with a moisturizer.


Being that this is a first impression, I’ve only used this product once. Most of the time, with skin care, you need to try the product out for a few solid weeks to see any results. From my first use of this product I can tell you my skin already looks improved! My pores look smaller and clean. My skin looks refreshed and less dull. And the weirdest thing, my skin still feels tight like when the mask was on. It’s been about 20 minutes and my face feels tight and plump!

Worth the Hype?

I am truly impressed with this mask! I don’t think I’ve ever experienced immediate results with a skin care product, at least not the this level. I would 100% recommend this product, this may even become my new skin care holy grail! I cannot wait to do this again next week and see how my skin improved over time. Now I understand the hype on Instagram, this product works; totally worth the hype!

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Milk Blur Stick: Worth the Hype?! 

I’ve heard soon much hype about the Milk Blur Stick! Mostly on IG, there are millions of tutorials with beautiful full faced looks, all starting with this product.  I personally like high end face products because my skin breaks out, so this was something that really peeked my interest. Luckily for me, the Milk Blur Stick was in one of my Sephora Play boxes, so I got to try it out without buying a full sized version.

What’s all the hype about?

This product is listed for sale on for $36. It is said to reduce the appearance of pores & fine lines all while keeping your makeup looking great all day long! I had to know if this is something that was just hype on IG or if it was the real deal. Let’s dive a little deeper into packaging, application, texture, similar products, and most importantly does it live up to the hype?


The packaging on this is pretty straight forward, nothing too cute. This type of packaging is similar to deodorant, where you twist the bottom to reveal the product dispensing at the top. I absolutely love twist up products like this, they are super easy to use and quick to apply.


This does seem to glide right over the skin, but almost the effect that its not transferring the product on. I swiped this along my forehead and cheek area and it almost felt like there was nothing on my skin. I know that sounds like a good thing, lightweight makeup, but its not. I feel like this is just so light and subtle that I wasn’t getting the payoff I wanted. I did reapply over the same area with a few swipes to make sure it was rubbing onto the skin. I know it did transfer on because you can see the product dwindling in the package but it jut felt like nothing was happening.


This is a solid product that I am just not use to. Typically, primers are a similar consistency to lotion or a gel like serum. This is smooth to the touch and feels like it would dry down to a soft powder finish. I do like the way it feels on my fingers when I swatch this, but I just don’t feel that same texture on my face. I will say my skin feels smooth after gliding this over, but it doesn’t feel insanely improved and there was no visible difference in my pores or fine lines.

I did follow up with foundation and concealer to see if maybe this just didn’t blur by itself and had to have product layered over it. Even still, I didn’t notice any blurring effects and my pores were still gigantic.

Similar Products

Some similar products that I am familiar with are Benefit Porefessional and Urban Decay DeSlick Complexion Primer. These two products are a more gel/cream like consistency rather than a solid, like this Milk Blur Stick. I much prefer these two products over the Blur Stick, because they actually work. The Benefit primer is very soft, velvety texture on the skin and definitely helps with pores. This is available in two sizes at Sephora, listed at $12 or $31. The Urban Decay primer is a dry, matte primer that hold all day to keep the skin from getting oily, and also helps with fine lines and pores (I do not recommend the Deslick if you have dry skin). This primer is $34 at Sephora.

Does it live up to the Hype?

Nope! This really feels like a joke, did I get a bad batch or something? I feel like this didn’t do anything to improve the look of my skin, nor did it make my makeup last longer. I am sooooo happy I receive this in my Sephora box and didn’t drop $36 on a full sized container. Save you money! Or better yet, go pick up some Porefessional or DeSlick, they work way better.

Side note

This is my personal opinion. I am not trying to bash companies or products, I just want to give my honest review on a product in hopes I am helping others save there money and time on products that are just Instagram popular and not actually amazing items. If this products works for you and you completely disagree with me, that’s totally okay! Everyone has different skin with different need and wants.

Let me know in the comments below how you guys and gals feel about the Milk Blur Stick. Am I applying it wrong on layering it incorrectly? I truly want to know why people love this so much because I thought it was a total let down.

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High End Splurges- Worth the Price

I like to have a mixture of high end and drugstore products in my beauty arsenal. There are a lot of drug store products the are just as good, if not better than high end products. However, every so often I come across a high end product that can’t be beat. The items listed below are on the pricey side, ranging from $25-50, but totally worth it!

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette, $49


This baby is amazing! It comes with a variety of fun colors in the pink/peach-y family, but also your basics (black, white and transitionary shades). This is 100% the type of palette I look for, being that you can create full look with this palette alone. There are 18 shades included that apply and blend out flawlessly. The color is very rich and pigmented. Not to mention, this smells like peaches because its infused with oil, YUM!


Kat Von D Beauty Lock It Foundation Brush, $34


Nothing compares to this brush! I’ve used Beauty Blender and other sponges and I do like the finish you get from them, but this brush just applies everything soooooo quickly. I feel as though this is easier to clean than sponges. too, which is a major plus. The long spiked handle fits so well in my hand. The bristles are dense but soft, it’s not scratchy at all. I purchased this brush in December and have used it every day since, I can’t go back to anything else!


Benefit Roller Lash, $24
This product is fairly new to me, I recently picked this up in a travel size at Sephora and will definitely be repurchasing! I love the lift this give to my lashes. I typically use a lash curler and then top with the Roller Lash. I can actually see the curl of my lashed holing throughout the day, more so than other mascaras I’ve tried recently. I will mention the texture of this is different, as its a gel like consistency. I think that’s what holds the curl so well, but the one downfall, it’s a little tough to get off your lashes.
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush, $28

img_5522.pngOh my goodness, I have never been so in love with a blush. I got this blush in ‘Celebrated’ as a Christmas gift and never looked back. The color is the perfect shade for my pale skin. It blends well and wears throughout the day. I have been using this religiously and haven’t even put a dent into the pan, so I would say this is worth the price. Even though this is expensive, its last forever. I cant say enough about this product!


Benefit Professional, $31

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 6.01.20 PM.png

This product work! I was iffy on this for a while because it is pricey, and I don’t always use primers (a lot of the time I do face moisturizer instead). I did a little experiment where I wore no primer one day, and then the Porfessional the next, look at the difference! I cannot believe how well this fills in the pores to make the skin look smoother. I have pretty bad acne pitting and scarring so this is definitely worth the extra money.


Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream, $26.50


This works wonders under makeup or alone. This de-puffs the under eye makeup and smooths everything out. I really love this cool refreshing feeling on my eyes before applying my makeup. I have been trying to be more cautious of my under eye area, as the skin is delicate and needs extra moisture.  A little goes a long way with this product, so it should last you a while.

I hope this was helpful if you are interested in one of these products, or just looking to expand our makeup collection. These products are definitely worth the price!! Please note that these are my personal opinions, and yours may differ. Due to different skin types and personal preference, our opinions might not be the same, but that’s okay! Let me know in the comments if you guys and gals have tried these products before and what you think of them!

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Wet n Wild vs. High End Foundations 

Today we will be discussing foundations! I am really loving this Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation so I wanted to test it up against two high end brands. Please keep in mind these colors range, as I use these at different times of the year.



The three foundations we will be reviewing are:

MAC Pro Longerwear Foundation in NW20

Kat Von D Beauty Lock It Foundation in Light Neutral #45

Wet n Wild Beauty Photo Focus Foundation in Shell Ivory

Some important factors for me as a consumer of foundation:

-Packaging/ Product Amount

-Texture/ Coverage


-Price & Availability

Pictures Left to Right: MAC, WnW, KVD.

MAC comes in a soft squeeze tube with 1 fl oz of foundation. I dislike how dirty this tube always looks, even after I wipe it down, it just seems to hold onto smudges. I do like the actual bottle however, as its flexible plastic so you squeeze out every last drop!

WnW comes in a hard glass jar with a kind of strange applicator. The cap unscrews and has a plastic spatula at the end to collect the makeup from the jar. I like the convenience of this but I’m guessing it’s not very sanitary to re-dip, although I do the same thing with my concealer wand, so I guess its not that different. This comes with 1 fl oz of product.

KVD has amazing packaging! I love that it has a button on the top that pumps the product out. Theres also a cute little cap that covers the pump, but I removed it for the picture to show the actual spout. KVD comes with the least amount of product, at .84 fl oz.


The texture does vary on these products. WnW has the thinnest consistency, then MAC, then KVD. The KVD is insanely thick; the first time using it, I caked it on way too heavy because I wasn’t use to the texture. Since then, I have become more comfortable using this and it does give a beautiful finish if blended out correctly.



Coverage is lighter with Mac and WnW, however they are bulid-able products! As long as your foundation is still wet, you can add more on top and blend out to create more coverage (don’t apply over dry or already powdered areas as you will get the dreaded cake face).

KVD give you the most coverage for dark spots, acne, etc. with one pass. This does apply heavy but dries down nicely.

Wearability isn’t too far off on these products honesty. Keep in mind I always use concealer over my foundations to hide imperfections & I always set my foundation with powder! Skipping one of these steps can give you a different outcome. Powder is super important to set the foundation onto your skin. If you do not lock in your foundation with a powder, you will likely get creasing, smudging and less wear time.

The WnW and KVD have similar wear time in that it looks great for like 8 hours, and then needs a touch up. I tend to see a bit of creasing with KVD, but thats only after a pretty long day. If I see creasing, it’s easy enough tot pat into the skin lightly and smooth out. The WnW holds up for around the same amount of time, but then my forehead does start to get oily. This is another quick fix, blot with tissues or rice paper and it’s easy enough to hide the shine.

I should mention that the KVD tends to smudge more throughout the day when touched against items. I know that sounds weird, but I will notice residue on my phone screen. I also have blown my nose and the tissue is absolutely covered in foundation. I assume this is because its so thick and pigmented. It doesn’t really seem to smudge off of my face, meaning I don’t notice it missing on the areas of my face I’ve touched, I just notice it on the item itself.

I would say Mac hold up pretty well over time. I tend to use this more in the summer as it has a fine shimmer to it, not really my thing in the winter. This doesn’t streak or smudge if you’re sweating, which is amazing! I also doesn’t come off as easily as the KVD when you touch your face. I do believe that’s because I use a much smaller amount, as I use this when I don’t have a ton of breakouts.


Pricing and Availability is what this really all boils down to right? If you could save a few bucks and not sacrifice your makeup, why wouldn’t you?

I purchased these at these prices listed below, from these specific stores, (pricing will vary depending on where you purchase):

KVD- Sephora, $35 

MAC- Nordstorm, $44 

Wet n Wild, CVS, $5.99 

Overall: Wet n Wild is 100% for you if you are looking for medium coverage that’s a great quality and isn’t super inexpensive! I absolutely love the formula of this! It’s kind of shocking that a drugstore brand can even be compared with such high end brands like MAC and Kat Von D Beauty. Without hesitation, I grab for my WnW foundation over these high end brands most days!

If you need extra coverage for stubborn acne, hyper pigmentation, etc. than Kat Von D Lock It Foundation is great product for full coverage. It’s a pretty amazing product if you are okay with spending little extra.

The MAC Foundation is great too, however I like a little more coverage and a more matte finish.  I will say that I have repurchased this in the past, but have since stopped as I am trying to make the switch to vegan and cruelty free. (BONUS: BOTH WET N WILD AND KAT VON D BEAUTY ARE CRUELTY FREE AND VEGAN!!!)

I hope this was helpful if your are trying to figure out which foundation to purchase! I ‘m thinking about doing a drugstore full face breakdown using this Wet n Wild Foundation, is that something you guys and gals would be interested in? Let me know if the comments!

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