Halo Beauty Hair, Skin, Nails Booster- Full Review

If you aren’t familiar with Halo Beauty that might be because it’s a brand new company! Halo Beauty is owned and operated by Tati Westbrook aka Glamlifeguru who is a huge beauty Youtuber. Halo Beauty’s first product launch was a bit unexpected as most of Tati’s followers were assuming she would release makeup. Shockingly enough, Halo launched a Hair, Skin, Nail Booster vitamin.

I told myself that no matter what product Tati launched I was going to give a try because I want to support her brand and because I am in the business of trying new products to share with all of you. I do want to say I have been taking Halo Beauty for 30 days now so I did use the entire bottle before writing this to give you my full experience. As always, these are my personal opinions and things could results differently for you if you try this product. Please advise a doctor before taking this if you are pregnant or on any other medications.


Shipping took a while, 2 weeks exactly. I do I live in New England and the weather has been nuts!! We had several huge snow storms and our mail wasn’t delivered on time so I’m guessing I would have gotten this sooner if the weather wasn’t crazy. It cost $7.95 for shipping however I did see on Twitter that Halo has since dropped its shipping pricing lower which is great!


Packaging is beautiful. Frosted thick plastic jar with silver plastic screw cap with displays beautifully on my vanity. I also love that this bottle is pretty enough to reuse!  This is heavy duty enough to be tossed in your travel bag if you’re on the go.

Ingredients are clearly listed on the bottle along with warning (pregnant/breastfeeding). One big issue that I didn’t even notice at first is THERE IS AN ISSUE ON THE LABEL which claims the bottle has 60 servings. This is untrue as the bottle has 60 pills but only 30 servings since each serving is 2 pills. In my eyes this is a typo (that has since been corrected for new bottles) so whatever, but I can see why this is upsetting as some people thought they were getting more product that they actually are. The front of the bottle does still say 30 servings.

The pills are pink! This is a cute detail for the product to look cute. Luckily if you are vegan and/or cruelty free you are in luck because this does not contain carmine! Carmine is crushed beetles which creates pink/red pigment. Yes, you read that correctly, beetles are crushed for pigment… gross! This is a common practice/ ingredient in a ton of beauty products, vitamins, and even candy. Another animal product commonly used in vitamins shark cartilage.. Thankfully there is no carmine or cartilage in Halo Booster!

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 7.15.10 PM.png
screenshot of https://halobeauty.com/pages/ingredients

I have seen online people posting photos of their pills changing color- I have not experienced this- but some have seen the capsules loosing their bright pink color.


Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 7.11.44 PM
screenshot of https://halobeauty.com/products/halo-beauty-hair-skin-nails-booster


I take a sip of water, pop the pill in my mouth and then take a large gulp of water to wash it down. The pills do have a little bit of a earthy/chalky taste, but nothing too overpowering. They is no aftertaste after swallowing.

These pills are pretty big. I don’t have a hard time swallowing pill normally but these are a tough to swallow in all honesty. If I could change in thing about this I would make the pills smaller/less bulky. You can open these and add it to food or drink to ingest without swallowing the capsule if you prefer that route. I haven’t tried that.

Does it work?

This did hydrate my skin to the point I could see and feel results within 3 weeks. I noticed my skin feeling more supple, smooth and plump- plus my lips were not as chapped as normal! On the flip side, I noticed I was excessively thirsty and my urine was bright yellow. I looked into this and from what I’ve seen online, bright yellow urine is typically caused from an excess of Riboflavin, which is an ingredient found in Halo.

As for the nails and hair claims, not to toot my own horn, but I have very strong nails and hair, I was mainly focusing on the progress of my skin while taking this supplement.

My Results

In the before pictures you can see how chapped my lips are, the dry patches around my nose rings and my irritated acne. In the after photos my skin is so much healthier looking. (I do have makeup residue smeared under my eyes in my before photo, sorry about that, I didn’t notice when taking the photos).

Pros & Cons


  • Smoother skin on my face and body
  • Dark under eye circles appearing a little lighter
  • Less chapped lips
  • More hydrated skin
  • Gluten free
  • Soy free
  • Sugar free
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan


  • Hard to swallow
  • Excessive thirst
  • Expensive
  • Urine is bright yellow (excess of Riboflavin)

Overall- Will I re-purchase?

I don’t think I will be re-purcahsing. This worked wonders for hydrating my skin, but it is $40 a month which is almost $500 a year! I love the hydration results but that price tag is going to really add up month after month. I was hoping this would help my eczema patches around my elbows but unfortunately I haven’t seen any change in those areas.

Overall, I think this is a great product for hydration, if you can afford it for $40 a month. Also, if you are vitamin deficient than this product would probably be really beneficial to you! Please note that I am not knocking this product at all- I honestly will try the next product launch from Halo Beauty in the future too- this product just sit necessary for my lifestyle.

Has anyone tried this product? Let me know in the comments how it’s working for you!

Boxycharm Unboxing: March 2018

It’s Boxycharm unboxing day!!!!! My favorite thing ever is ripping into this little box of goodness and adding to my already over crowded vanity!

If you are unfamiliar with Boxycharm it is a monthly subscription service that is $21 per month for 5 beauty products. I’ve been signed up for Boxycharm for several months now and every single month the value has been way over $21, usually over $100 even! So let’s jump right in to the March 2018 Boxycharm!

The Vintage Cosmetics Company Smokey Eye Brush Set

The Vintage Cosmetics Company Smoke Eye Brush Set- $23, thevintagecosmeticscompany.com

These brushes have been a bit of a roller coaster ride (I know I’m so dramatic). I first pulled these out and thought “hmmm.. I have too many brushes already” so I put this to the side, not overly excited to use these. When it came time for me to take my blog photos, I open the cardboard unit and pulled the brushes out and fell in love! Brushing them on my hand they felt soft and the lettering on the handles are just too freaking cute.

The Vintage Cosmetics Company Smoke Eye Brush Set- $23, thevintagecosmeticscompany.com

So this morning, when getting ready, I reached for all three of these brushes while applying my eyeshadow. Unfortunately, these are not as soft on the eye as they are on my hand. Keep in mind the skin on your hands is thick whereas your eyelids are very thin and delicate so that’s where these fell flat for me. I tried to use these even though they were a little scratchy but it was just too uncomfortable and I ended up putting these down and grabbing my go to Wet n Wild Brushes. Out of these 3 brushes, I did find the flat brush was the best one, I used it to smudge shadow under my lower lash line and it was fine. Not incredible, but not as scratchy as the two blending brushes. I don’t think this 3 pack of brushes in worth the $23 price tag, especially since I like the Wet n Wild (white & pink) brushes way better and they are price between $0.99 – $2.99 each.

South Mane 3 Eye Gel Packs

South Mane 3 Eye Gel Packs- $9, southmanehaircare.com

These gel eye masks are to be placed on the delicate skin under your eyes. I have never used this brand before but I have use products along these lines. I love the Sephora Pearl Eye Masks that are $5 per pair, they definitely show a huge improvement in puffiness and redness. Again, I haven’t used this product yet but I definitely will be! I prefer these over a full sheet mask- those tend to slide around and make talking difficult. There are perfect since they are just for your under eyes! The price on this seems very fair, at $3 per pair I could see myself purchasing these again, assuming they work. i’ll keep everyone posted on that!

Pur x Boxycharm Eye Shadow Palette

Pur x Boxycharm Eye Shadow Palette- $36, purcosmetics.com

Ummmmmm, I’m sorry do you see how beautiful this palette is?!?! I love this color set up- the warm colors are all so beautiful and the cool shades are the perfect pop of color! I love how the matte shades in here work well for a transition shade. They also have enough variety that you can create a lot of looks using this palette alone. This is definitely a sunset vibe color scheme, very summery! I did swatch all of these on my arm and these are sooooo pigmented.

Pur x Boxycharm Eye Shadow Palette- $36, purcosmetics.com

The mattes are buttery and creamy to the touch. The shimmers are so soft and smooth. I am in love with this palette! I haven’t used it on my eyes yet so I really can’t account for fall out or wearability but so far I am digging this set up and the textures! Any time there is a palette in a subscription box I callout a win! This is a great item to get in a box being that the palette is $36 and I paid $21 for ALL of these items! Also did I mention that Pur Cosmetics makes gorgeous highlighters, so I just assume I’ll love this as well!

Pretty Vulgar Make them Blush in Hush Blush

Pretty Vulgar Make Them Blush in Hush Blush- $26, prettyvulgar.com

This is the second time I’ve received a Pretty Vulgar item in a Boxycharm. I have a metallic liquid lip by this company that is super opaque and pigmented! I don’t reach for it a lot because it is a metallic pick, not really my style, but the packaging and wear time is really nice. When I pulled this blush out of my March Boxycharm I was floored by the packaging. Are you serious Pretty Vulgar?! This is STUNNING! I love antique/vintage style home decor and this is very reminiscent of gorgeous vintage frame or mirror.

I wore this today and the color is right up my alley. I love the mauve-y/rose color. It applied well to the cheeks and blended out nicely. The only negative I noticed during my first use was the kick back. As soon as my brush hit the pan there was kick back everywhere. This is a soft creamy formula so its not the worst thing in the world to have kick back but worth pointing out. If you love this shade but don’t want to drop $26 on one blush, I would recommend the Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush in Mellow Wine which is a fantastic dupe for this blush and only $2.99.

Butter London Double Decker Lashes Mascara

Butter London Double Decker Lashes Mascara- $20, ulta.com

First of all, this is the biggest mascara tube I’ve ever seen in my life. When I pulled this out of my Boxy Charm I thought maybe the cardboard unit was just really large, but the tube itself is also massive!

I want to point out that the claims on the box of this product is kind of hard to believe….. this says 200% thicker & 314% more curl!! Of course, I wanted to use this to see how much volume and curl this would give my lashes so I tried this out right away. My first thoughts were the wand is way too big to precisely coat the lashes. It’s a little awkward trying to get close to the inner corner and it was a little messy doing the bottom lashes because the wand kept hitting my skin. As I was applying, this went on thick and wet. I prefer a drier mascara that I can add multiple coats to. This went on so thick and wet so it felt very heavy. My lashes didn’t necessarily clump together terribly, but this didn’t fan my lashes out either. It did dry down and felt flexible still which is good. I hate when mascara dry so hard and crunchy.

Butter London Double Decker Lashes Mascara- $20, ulta.com

I would 314% say that this does not stand up to its outrageous claims. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a terrible product. If you like wet mascaras, this does a nice job of coating the lashes and making them very black, but it doesn’t give you a huge boost in curl which is what I was hoping for. I see myself using this again as it wore well under my also lashes but I wouldn’t repurchase at $20.


The March 2018 Boxycharm kicked major butt this month! I am obsessed with the Pur Palette and the Pretty Vulgar Blush. The South Mane patches will go to good use in the future and I’ll probably even use the mascara again! The brushes were a little bit of a let down since it was just too scratchy for my eyes. Overall the price of this box was $21- if I had purchased these items separately is would have been $114- which means I saved $93!

What did you get in your Boxycharm this month? Let me know in the comments below.

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Stila Glitter on the Go Liquid Eye Shadow Set

This product has been in the back of my mind for a while, but liquid products scare me! I wasn’t sure how much use I would get out of this since it is sooooo glittery but I ended up grabbing the Glitter on the Go set from Sephora for $25. This set includes 3 shades of the Stila Glitter and Glow long wearing liquid eye shadows in the shades Kitten Karma, Smoldering Satin and Rose Gold Retro. These shade names are adorable and pair really well with the colors. This outer unit i super cute, the white and metallic looks high end and has a vintage vibe.


These little tubes are really cute!!! I love that the bottle itself is clear so you can see the shade and product amount. The mixed metals are so cute, keeping with the theme of a lot of still packaging that will incorporate golds, silvers, etc and it does clash at all, it looks super chic! Here’s a photo of the liquid eye shadows next to a Stila palette so you can get an idea of the size of each tube.

Stila Glitter on the Go set with Stile Eyes are the Window Palette (Mind)


The applicator on this is a great size for my eye shape. It disperses product evenly and spreads the product around on the eye with ease.  If you have hooded eyes or small/deep set eyes, this might be a little more difficult because the applicator is kind of big. You could always transfer the product onto a small brush if you need something that is thinner or even to do detail work that needs to be precise.


I place all of my powder shadows down first (transition, crease, lid) and then go in with the Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow. You don’t really want to blend around this product while wet because it will smear &  you don’t want to blend around when dry because it will have fall out- so I would recommend this being the last step with shadows. Once its on the lid you can work with the product gently to blend out, I just wouldn’t blend other powder products around this.

These go on extremely wet! They do feeling pretty heavy upon first application but that didn’t last very long. The dry down is kind of quick- not too long of a wait for this to dry, however I did use a piece of paper to fan my face after applying so that made it dry faster.

My first time using this product, I made bit of a mess- I applied very heavily and then immediately opened my eyes which lead this to smear and transferred above my crease.  Since then, I’ve got a way better handle on application, but this product is slick and can be tough to use if you don’t have a steady hand. Keep in mind practice makes perfect, so just keep trying until you get a handle of this. (If you are use to liquid eye shadow, you may not have trouble with this at all. I am just not familiar with liquid products like this so it took a few tries to feel confident applying).


Wearing with Liner and Lashes?

Liquid liner apples well over this if you use something very inky/pigmented. I used Tarte’s Double Take liner and it didn’t look bumpy or weird which is great! Another time I used Tarte’s Sex Kitten Liquid Liner , which is a thinner and less pigmented consistency and you could totally tell. The Sex Kitten Liner just wasn’t bold enough over the glitter, it looked patchy and bumpy (which doesn’t happen on regular shadows) so definitely go with something very black and pigmented!

If you try and use a pencil liner over this product it might be tough because this does have fall out when dry. Rubbing something on the eye like a pencil liner will likely move the glitter off of your eye lid and make a mess. Liquid Liner would be an easier and cleaner application, at least for  me.

Wearing false lashes over the glitter was a breeze! I was worried, thinking the glue wouldn’t hold as well, but I didn’t have a problem at all! I did end up with glitter on my lashes though because of the fall out.

Kitten Karma


These are surprising comfortable! One of the biggest reasons I was on the fence about this product was because I assumed it would feel dry and crunchy. This product does feel heavy upon first application, but once dry it is super light weight. There’s no heavy, itchy, tight or overwhelming feeling. I haven’t had any irritation on my lids or my actual eyes!

Wear Time

The wear time on these is incredible! I applied this around 10am and it was still on and in place at midnight! The glitter was still vibrant and gorgeous at the end of the night and I was really surprised that it hadn’t transferred all over my face!

I’ve worn these multiple times since purchasing. They wear beautifully and I haven’t had major fall out during the day while working or running errands.

I did snuggle up to my boyfriend one time and he ended up with glitter all over his face, but it was the end of the day so is wasn’t a huge deal. You couldn’t tell looking at me because I still had so much glitter and pigment on my eyes, but you could definitely see all of the sparkle on his face.

Smolder Satin


This wipes right off with a makeup wipe, easy peasy. Since this is a liquid that dries down, and lasts all freaking day, I thought removing it might be tough- It wasn’t! I used my normal go to face wipes (Simple Cleansing Wipes) and this came off with no problem!

Tips and Tricks:

I would recommend applying to one eye and keeping it closed while it dries down. Once it is dry, you can open your eyes and start the other lid.

This does have fallout after its dried down! Try not to touch your eyes at all because the glitter will move when disturbed. If you do not touch your eyes, these will last for a while!


I am extremely surprised at how well these wear and just how easy they are to apply. I really love these a lot and I’ve worn them really often. I have received a lot of compliments on my makeup wearing this because ii is just so glittery and eye catching. I love all three shades in this pack, and I am really glad I grabbed these instead of one big one, just so I can switch up my looks. I would give this a solid 9/10 rating.

Has anyone else tried these? Let me know in the comments below! Also, what do you think of me rating the products 1-10 at the end of my reviews? I’ve never done it before but I love so many items so I think it would be a clearer indicator of my like or dislike in a product.

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Ipsy Unboxing: January 2018

It’s Ipsy time!! I love unboxing subscription services- it’s probably my favorite thing to do & write about! If you aren’t familiar with Ipsy, it is a monthly subscription box that includes 4-5 items, ranging in size and price. Ipsy showcases both high end and drug store companies in their monthly bags, which contain everything from samples to full size products. This is $10 per month and always comes with a cosmetics bag. Let jump right into January’s bag.

Cosmetics Bag

Ipsy glam Bag

This months cosmetics bag is a blue soft mesh fabric- detailed with lime green and pink stripes. This bag is not my style, at all. I understand the sporty vibe they are going for, especially since this time of year everyone’s New Years Resolution is to get in shape. I’m sure this is perfect for a lot of people who need something small to throw in their purse or gym bag. Total Sporty Spice vibes!

Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro Exfoliating Shampoo

When I pulled this out of my bag I immediately thought of Tati Westbrook (GlamLifeGuru) who raves about this company on her Youtube channel. I ended up getting two uses out of this trial sized bottle of exfoliating shampoo. This isn’t super foaming, nor does it really lather on the hair. I do feel like those two washes really helped my scalp a lot, since I have been struggling with dandruff this winter. I will definitely be repurchasing this- I am so happy to have tried it. Oh and the best part, this product smells so freaking good- just like Girl Scouts Thin Mint cookies! I excepted a coconut/beach-y smell but I was pleasantly supposed this smelled minty and delicious.

The Balm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer

As much as I hate these tiny little pans, I was excited to see this is my bag because of personal nostalgia. This highlight was what I was wearing a few months ago when one of my best friend got married! I was the maid of honor and when the makeup artist asked me if I had any makeup preferences I said “just cover me in highlight!”- she then grabbed this from her bag and layered it on. It has a beautiful finish and works really nicely with my fair skin. This highlight stays in place all day, I was glowing throughout the ceremony, reception and after party without having to touch it up!

So Susan Liquid Matte Lipstick in Raisin Flesh

I am unfamiliar with this company, this is my first time seeing it. I love getting full sized products in subscription boxes so I really cant complain with this! The color is nice, a rich mauve-y pink, however I haven’t used it yet. i’m on the fence on opening this just because I own too may liquid lipsticks as it is…but I am curious of the texture and wearability.

Pretty Woman Nail Polish in Johnny’s Angels

I have received quite a few nail polishes over the years with subscriptions and most of the time they are pretty neutral colors- light greys, baby pinks or nudes. When I saw this packaging I did not except the bright blue color inside. Unfortunately, my polish was slightly open inside the box and leaked.

Absolute New York Eye Artiste Single Shadow in VIP

This is another company I am unfamiliar with. I already have too many single eyeshadows that I don’t ever reach for, so this will be a giveaway item as well. The color looks really beautiful and I would rather share it with someone who doesn’t already have colors like this. The pan is really big, so you get a lot of product in this!


For $10, this bag isn’t too shabby, however if I’m being honest it’s not my favorite. I love the shampoo and the highlight, the rest of the items will be given away since I don’t really have a need for them.

I have been thinking about cancelling my Ipsy subscription for a while now but I haven’t pulled the trigger. Are there other boxes you would rather see instead? I currently do Boxycharm ($21/month) and I absolutely love it!

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Boxy Charm January 2018

It’s that time again- Boxy Charm Unboxing!!!! I have been loving this subscription service so much. This is $21 a month for 4-5 full sized beauty products. Typically, boxes are valued over $100- which makes this a great service for beauty lovers who want to build their collections.

This month I received 5 products:

Let’s dive into each product:

Pur Cosmetics Bronze & Brighten Palette

This is beautiful!!!! I am a huge fan of Pur Cosmetics palettes, I have been raving about the Elevation Highlight Palette for years now. This palette has white plastic packaging with 3 gorgeous shades. The pans are very generously sized- one for blush, one highlight and one bronzer. These are all very shimmery shades, with an almost pearl like finish. I love how these are pressed into the pans, its almost too pretty to use.

Dr Brandt’s Pores No More Illuminating Primer

I haven’t used this product yet, or even the brand, but I was very happy to see this in my box! Dr. Brandt is a well know line that seems to be skin care heavy makeup (so a lot of primers, pore fillers, etc). I cannot wait to give this a go! I have been into more glowy skin lately and I use a seperate pore filler besides my primer, so maybe this can do both!

It Cosmetics Brow Powder

The packaging on this product is cute. One end has a spoolie which is incredibly soft. The other end is the actual Brow product, which I’m still on the fence about. I have used this for the past few days and I am really into how my brows look- but the application is tough. If you aren’t familiar with Brow pencils, this could be tricky to use. The amount of pressure you use will make the color lighter or darker- so push harder for darker brows. This is a universal shade, meaning everyone uses the same color which is weird but cool. I’ve been getting more and more comfortable the more I use this, practice makes perfect.

Crown Glam Metals Palette

Anytime a subscription service gives you a full sized palette, you get excited! I do like the colors and finishes of these shadows, but I decided to add this to a future giveaway instead of swatching it for you guys. I have so many palettes and this one is so beautiful I want to give it to someone who will really use it! (****This will be in the March or April giveaway on IG, so stay tuned there****)

Girlacktik Matte Lip Paint in Posh

This color is lovely, but it a similar story to the palette. I have too many liquid lipsticks in this shade range so I added this to a giveaway as well. I do think this packaging looks really nice and I would be interested in looking into this line now since I’m not familiar. (**** This is in my current February giveaway on my IG- please enter if you haven’t already!)


I really love this box! As mentioned, I haven’t tried all of the products yet, but they are all items that seem practical and useful! I love the variety that Boxy Charm uses- for example there’s a skin product, eye product, lip product, brow product and cheek product- they aren’t duplicating or cutting corners. This subscription box is definitely my favorite! If you arent subscribed, I’d recommend checking it out. This is a healthy serving of makeup for only $21! If you are subscribed, let me know in the comments what items you received– or what boxes you are subscribed to!

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Jeffree Star x Manny MUA Bundle: Worth the Hype?!

I have seen a ton of Instagram posts about the collaboration between Jeffree Star and Many Mua. As of lately, there has been a ton of “news” (drama) between these two, but regardless of that I still wanted to review their collab for you guys.

If you aren’t familiar with these two beauty gurus- Jeffree & Manny- are very talented Beauty Influencers who collaborate on tons of tutorial & review videos on Youtube. These two are extremely knowledge in the beauty industry so when they released a collab, I was sooooo excited to check it out!


I was luck enough to score this on Black Friday for $30, so I saved pretty big. This retails for $50 on jeffreestarcosmetics.com; If you were to buy these products individually, it would be $65 so the bundle is definitely a great deal.

Product Overview

With this bundle you receive 3 FULL SIZED products: (pictured below)

  • “I’m Shook” Velour Liquid Lipstick
  • “Daddy” Velour Liquid Lipstick
  • “Uranus” Skin Frost Highlight


The outermost packaging is a thin black cardboard sleeve with the with a holographic collab logo. When we remove the sleeve we see a good sized black box with JSC and Manny MUA logos all over. The matte black and shiny black play very well with each other and make the cardboard unit very sleek and stylish.

When we open the box, it’s looks like this- with the items placed in individual slots so that they don’t slide around. I LOVE the attention to detail on this packaging!

The packaging on the actual products are great too, very durable and sturdy. I am familiar with the liquid lipstick tubes. I am a big fan of the size and shape of the applicator which hugs the lips so well and created a very crisp line.

The Skin Frost was waaaaayyyyy bigger than I expected! I new the compact were pretty large, but this blew my mind.

The mirror is fantastic and the product is pressed beautifully into the pan. It’s so pretty I almost didn’t want to touch it… but of course I did, I had to show off some swatches!

Product Swatches

  • “I’m Shook” Velour Liquid Lipstick is listed on the website as a “medium toned burnt coral”

  • “Daddy” Velour Liquid Lipstick is listed on the website as a “cool tone brown”

  • “Uranus” Skin Frost Highlight doesn’t have a website description but it is a very blinding gold!

Product Performance

The velour liquid lipsticks from Jeffree Star Cosmetics are one of my favorite liquid lipstick formulas. I love the way these look on the lips, plus they aren’t too uncomfortable. My one piece of advise would be to prep your lips before applying any of these so that you get the ultimate wear experience.

The Uranus skin frost is so blinding, it’s out of this world (get it, space joke there since its called Uranus). The texture is a lot different than what I am use to- its very chunky and glittery, so just be mindful if you are purchasing this that it is glittery. If you love the color but hate the texture of a chunky highlighter, no problem, you can apply this to the cheeks and then tap it with a dampened makeup sponge to make this look more melted into the skin and less heavy. This wears beautifully on the skin either way. Super pigmented when applying with a dry brush and even more pigmented with a dampened brush! I have been loving this to highlight the inner corner of my eyes as well as cheekbones for an ALL OVER glow.

Overall– Is it worth the  hype?!

YESSSSS, I am loving all three product that came in this bundle! The colors are all so beautiful and different from each other so you can make a lot of looks with these products. I am so thrilled I was able to score this on sale!

Have you guys and gals every tried Jeffree Star Cosmetics? Let me know in comments what your favs are!

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Collagen Hydro Gel Gold Mask Review

I see so many beauty products, both makeup and skin care, that use gold in them, so I was really intrigued when I saw a gold mask at Walmart. I was super excited to try this out and wanted to share my thoughts with all of you!
This Collagen Hydro Gel Gold Mask is made by Masqueology. The packaging states “the gold and collagen will help hydrate and revitalize dull fatigued skin while detoxifying the impurities in the skin to give an overall glow and life to the skin”.

The directions say to clean your skin and then apply the mask for 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes, rather than washing off the excess, this says to massage it in the face and neck.

So, like always, lets break this down into categories: packaging, appearance, texture, smell, productivity and price/availability.


This comes in a black and gold flat unit. You can feel the gel consistency when you squeeze the package, the mask slips around inside. It is a sturdy package that would hold up well if you were traveling or have this kicking around for a while before you use it. The top has a notch on the side to make opening the unit easy peasy.

Once you get this open, the mask itself is folded with plastic separators in between the layers. This is kind of tough to unfold, so be careful!


I expected this to be solid gold, like the photo on the label, but it isn’t. This is a cloudy translucent mask with gold sparkles in it. The packaging it very misleading, being that it shows a golden full face mask. Besides the color, the mask itself is kind of weird, but also kind of genius. This is two pieces; one piece goes across the mouth/chin and then the other piece covers from the upper lip to the hair line. I applied the bottom piece first and totally looked like Hannibal Lecture! After putting the top piece on it felt secure on my face, although I did rip the mouth and eye holes a little bigger so it was more comfortable.


This is a gel mask, so keep that in mind. This is pretty slippery and feels like a thicker version of saran wrap that’s covered in liquid, that sound weird but it’s true. The mask is very thin so, be gentle to not rip this! The texture is definitely completely different than a paper sheet mask. Because of the bendable plastic-y material, and how wet this is, it really clings to the face. I love how this hugged the contours of my face and really stayed in place for the 20 minutes. I was able to do work on my computer, with my head kind of tilted down, and this did slip or slide at all.


There is no odor to this mask at all! Yay! I really like odorless mass, being that it sits right under the nose and I’m not huge on strong fragrances.


After wearing this for 20 minutes, it peeled off really easily. There was a good amount of the serum on my face still and I rubbed that in all over. It felt silky and lightweight, similar to a facial oil. It wasn’t sticky and slimy at all! I didn’t notice any immediately tightening but I did feel very moisturized and refreshed. I applied this right before bed so that I could really let the serum marinate on my skin over night. In the morning, my makeup went on smoothly and my skin looked so glowing and hydrated! I even got a few compliments on my skin that day and I don’t have great skin so I never get compliments on it! I would say this definitely helped with dullness and hydration. I did wash my face the next morning before doing my makeup, so I don’t know how this serum would layer underneath.


I purchased this at Walmart for $2.50.. can you believe that?!?!!? This mask is really great and I cannot believe it’s so inexpensive and readily available.


I will absolutely be using these masks again! The package does say its good for all skin types so I highly recommend checking these out, especially since it’s only $2.50!

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