Urban Decay Velvetizer: Worth the Hype?

Urban Decay recently launched a new product, the Velvetizer Translucent Mix In Medium! This is a super finely milled powder that you mix in with liquid foundation! It’s is said to give extra coverage and make the skin look velvety smooth. I had to try this out since I’ve never tried a mix in medium before. I wanted to do a in depth review of this since it’s so new.

Purchasing/ Shipping

I purchased this from Urbandecay.com for $34 on July 5th. I recieved an email that night saying my order “was being prepped”. By the 12th the package was sitting on my doorstep! Thats 7 days total, but only 4 business days. I’m very impressed with the speedy delivery and how everything was packaged so nicely. The items were carefully wrapped in purple tissue paper which has little Urban Decay logos all over it! (I did order a few other products as seen in the photo)


The box this came in has velvet detailing and so does the jar! It is super cute, although not that practical. The velvet on the jar seems to get covered by powder after just one use. Not a huge flaw, just something to point out.

The sifter is shaped like the Urban Decay UD logo, such a nice touch!


There are so many “translucent” powders out there that are not translucent, so when I see something labeled as such, I’m hesitant. I was nervous that this would oxidize my foundation when mixed in, and give me the wrong color, however I was pleasantly surprised when this was actually translucent!!!! Yay!


This powder is the most lightweight, finely milled powder I’ve ever touched. It is so lightweight that it’s messy if you don’t pay attention. This will end up everywhere if you open the jar all willy-nilly, so be careful! Although, I really like the feel of this powder, it doesn’t work for baking the under eye because it’s so fine.

Things to Know Before Using

This product doubles as a setting powder and/or a mix in medium. If you are using this as setting powder, just keep in mind that this does not attach well to sponge. I wouldn’t recommend applying this with a beauty blender or trying to bake the under eye; the powder is just too fine to adhere to a sponge-like applicator. This is best applied with a large fluffy brush which will pick up the product and distribute it evenly.

To use this as a mix in medium, you need a liquid foundation. I’ve used a few brands with this powder and so far, the Wet n Wild Photo Focus is my favorite to combine with this. It mixes well with the Photo Focus and looks really nice on the skin.

How To:

Step 1: Pour out a dime sized amount of powder onto a glass palette or mixing bowl. This comes out quickly, be mindful!

Step 2: Add Liquid Foundation

Step 4: Mix Together (I used a brush handle)

This does thicken up the foundation immediately so it’s less liquid-y. Even thought this makes the foundation thicker, it doesn’t  change the blendability. The foundation still applied very smoothly and blended out nice.

I will say I had no hope for this product, why would you mix a powder into a liquid foundation?! I figured this would be weird but I WAS WRONG!! This really does give extra coverage!


This looks so beautiful on the skin! It makes everything look soft and velvety. My skin looks so smooth and angelic! This does make my foundation Matte, but not dry or cakey. I love the way this look and it does seem to keep my skin from getting oily throughout the day. I have used this everyday since I purchased it. I will say one more time, be mindful when using this! A little product goes a long way and the more I have been using this, the better I have gotten at mixing the perfect ratio. In these photos I when a little heavy with the powder and because of that I had a some creasing under my eyes.



I purchased this from urbandecay.com for $34. I have also seen this listed on Sephora.com -although last I check it was sold out. That is a little pricey for the amount of product you receive, but a little goes a long way. If you struggle with your complexion, this is definitely worth the price.


I am so impression with this product. It’s a very new concept to me and I am loving it! If you aren’t into full coverage or matte finish, then this probably wouldn’t be your cup of tea. But if you have discoloration, acne or uneven skin, like me, you might fall in love with this as hard as I did.

Has anyone else tried this? I’m curious on everyone’s thought! Let me know in the comment below.

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Milk Blur Stick: Worth the Hype?! 

I’ve heard soon much hype about the Milk Blur Stick! Mostly on IG, there are millions of tutorials with beautiful full faced looks, all starting with this product.  I personally like high end face products because my skin breaks out, so this was something that really peeked my interest. Luckily for me, the Milk Blur Stick was in one of my Sephora Play boxes, so I got to try it out without buying a full sized version.

What’s all the hype about?

This product is listed for sale on sephora.com for $36. It is said to reduce the appearance of pores & fine lines all while keeping your makeup looking great all day long! I had to know if this is something that was just hype on IG or if it was the real deal. Let’s dive a little deeper into packaging, application, texture, similar products, and most importantly does it live up to the hype?


The packaging on this is pretty straight forward, nothing too cute. This type of packaging is similar to deodorant, where you twist the bottom to reveal the product dispensing at the top. I absolutely love twist up products like this, they are super easy to use and quick to apply.


This does seem to glide right over the skin, but almost the effect that its not transferring the product on. I swiped this along my forehead and cheek area and it almost felt like there was nothing on my skin. I know that sounds like a good thing, lightweight makeup, but its not. I feel like this is just so light and subtle that I wasn’t getting the payoff I wanted. I did reapply over the same area with a few swipes to make sure it was rubbing onto the skin. I know it did transfer on because you can see the product dwindling in the package but it jut felt like nothing was happening.


This is a solid product that I am just not use to. Typically, primers are a similar consistency to lotion or a gel like serum. This is smooth to the touch and feels like it would dry down to a soft powder finish. I do like the way it feels on my fingers when I swatch this, but I just don’t feel that same texture on my face. I will say my skin feels smooth after gliding this over, but it doesn’t feel insanely improved and there was no visible difference in my pores or fine lines.

I did follow up with foundation and concealer to see if maybe this just didn’t blur by itself and had to have product layered over it. Even still, I didn’t notice any blurring effects and my pores were still gigantic.

Similar Products

Some similar products that I am familiar with are Benefit Porefessional and Urban Decay DeSlick Complexion Primer. These two products are a more gel/cream like consistency rather than a solid, like this Milk Blur Stick. I much prefer these two products over the Blur Stick, because they actually work. The Benefit primer is very soft, velvety texture on the skin and definitely helps with pores. This is available in two sizes at Sephora, listed at $12 or $31. The Urban Decay primer is a dry, matte primer that hold all day to keep the skin from getting oily, and also helps with fine lines and pores (I do not recommend the Deslick if you have dry skin). This primer is $34 at Sephora.

Does it live up to the Hype?

Nope! This really feels like a joke, did I get a bad batch or something? I feel like this didn’t do anything to improve the look of my skin, nor did it make my makeup last longer. I am sooooo happy I receive this in my Sephora box and didn’t drop $36 on a full sized container. Save you money! Or better yet, go pick up some Porefessional or DeSlick, they work way better.

Side note

This is my personal opinion. I am not trying to bash companies or products, I just want to give my honest review on a product in hopes I am helping others save there money and time on products that are just Instagram popular and not actually amazing items. If this products works for you and you completely disagree with me, that’s totally okay! Everyone has different skin with different need and wants.

Let me know in the comments below how you guys and gals feel about the Milk Blur Stick. Am I applying it wrong on layering it incorrectly? I truly want to know why people love this so much because I thought it was a total let down.

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Urban Decay De-Slick Completion Primer

So, I’m not huge of fancy primers. I typically use a facial moisturizer before doing my makeup. However, I was so dang excited to try this product after seeing so many beauty Youtubers using it.

Don’t get me wrong, I have definitely tried my fair share of primers. My favorites right now are Benefits Porefessional and Too Faced Hangover (although I hate the smell!) So I decided to bite the bullet to try out one of these Urban Decay primer, since there’s so much hype.

There are four variations of the Urban Decay Complexion Primers:

1. Self Adjusting

2. Optical Illusion

3. Urban Defense

4. De-Slick (this is the one we are reviewing)

The whole idea of this line of primers is to adjust your complexion. These are said to act like a filter on your skin, giving you a blurred complexion to neutralize redness, discoloration, etc.

In the case of this particular one, De-Slick, it states it fills pores and absorbs oil. Almost sounds too good to be true. I picked this up at Sephora for $34. You can also find it at Ulta and UrbanDecy.com, all for the same price.


The tube itself is tall and narrow with a pump to dispense the product. Super easy to hold and use. I’ve dropped this a million times already, being that I’m a clutz, so I know it’s good quality since nothing has chipped or broken! This is the pump nozzle


The consistency of this is odd, almost gel like, rather than lotion-y. My skin felt tight and dry upon applying this, not in a bad flakey way, more of like their was no oil on my skin whatsoever. It dries down super quickly and completely clear (it is a nude/apricot color in the tube). This is not a sticky primer, I repeat, this is not a sticky primer! That’s one thing I would normally look for, being that I feel it makes my makeup really stick! This is dry and smooth, my skin feels velvety to the touch, but if I were to wrinkle up my nose it feels dry. Kind of a strange feeling, almost like after doing a face mask, ya know what I mean?

Applying it wrong: The first time using this, I was super excited! I ripped it out of the box and started throwing it on all willy-nilly by I dispersing a bunch on my hands and then rubbed it all over my face…Then I actually read the directions and realized that I was applying this all wrong!!!  When I rubbed it in, I got white streaks on my face. The streaks did blended down with my foundation, but I had obviously used way too much and didn’t get the best final end result. Don’t do what I did guys and gals, read the directions (listed on the box)!

Applying it Correctly: 
You are suppose to use a very small amount and pat it into the skin, not rub a crap ton like I originally did. When I applied it correctly, using a patting motion, this went on completely invisible, no residue what so ever.

Wearability/ Longevity: As for de-slicking and pore filling, this works! It definitely smooths my skin and makes my makeup look great through the day! When I don’t wear this product I get oily around my nose and forehead, so I blot with a tissue at work. With this product, I haven’t the need to blot, even after hours at work!!!
Overall: This Urban Decay primer is totally worth the hype! This may be one of my favorite cosmetics this year. It’s seriously phenomenal, even though the price tag is high.

I will say that my skin hasn’t been extremely broken out so I’m curious to see how it acts over aggravated acne. I also wonder how this will hold up in the summer. I’ll be trying this out with a tinted moisturizer once the weather gets warmer.
Has anyone tried these primers? What are your thoughts on them? I almost purchased the Optical Illusion one but this seemed a better fit for my skin.

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