Walmart Beauty Box: Summer 2017

If you are unfamiliar with the Walmart Beauty Box, it is a quarterly subscription box showcasing items sold at Walmart stores. Walmart charges $5 per box, so all together it’s $20 a year to receive these beauty boxes. The items range from sample, deluxe sample and sometimes full sized products. Everything is pretty budget friendly, being that it’s from a company sold at Walmart stores.

Again, this is not a monthly subscription, this comes out every 4 weeks and is themed per season. This season was the Summer Box, lets dive in!


The packaging on this box is super cute. The paper inside has adorable little fireworks. I really like that Walmart does this top of box, where the lid comes completely off. I must say I prefer boxes over cosmetics bags, like you would receive in Ipsy. I reuse the boxes to store things in my house, to wrap gifts, to ship giveaways etc. The cosmetics bags I receive from other subscription boxes usually dont get much use from me, but I digress. I love the colors scheme so much on this box, it just so happens to match my hair!

Simple Cleansing Wipes

If you are familiar with my blog, you know I am OBSESSED with Simple wipes. I use these every morning before I do my makeup to remove any excess oil and dirt. I also use these every night to take my makeup off. I just love the formula of this product; the wipes are soft and gentle but effective at removing stubborn makeup. Such a great product to receive in this box!!

Impress Press on Manicure One Step Gel

This is such a cute item and I love the idea of it but my natural nails are longer than the press ons. I will hold on to these because I would love to try them out and see how they work when my nails are shorter. I am very curious about the adhesive on the back of these nails.. would it actually hold up compared to nail glue? The color/design is gorgeous, the package I received has white nails, along with 3 different accent nails: one is solid glittery gold, one is a diamond shaped pattern of glittery gold and one says “love” is glittery gold. I do like these a lot and this is the first time I’ve receive a full sized product in one of these boxes! I looked up the price, and this sells for $7.99!!!!

Pantene Pro-V Dream Care Shampoo & Conditioner

I don’t use Pantene products so I wont personally be using this, but my boyfriend travels for work, so this is perfect to throw in his travel bag. I did pop them open and they smell good, so thats a plus! Just because I wont be using these doesn’t mean I think its a bad product. These are travel sizes that you would buy for like $1-2 each anyway so I think its a good product for a $5 subscription box.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

SOOOO this product is totally haunting me. I obviously got this in this season’s box, hence why were discussing it, but I also receive TWO of these in my winter box… AND I already have a full bottle in my bathroom that I never use. I’m just not a fan of this product. I use to live by Aveeno as a kid/teen because I had a lot of skin issues. The older I go the more oily my skin got and I stopping using Aveeno because I just didn’t need it anymore. If you suffer from any kind of skin irritation, this product would probably work really well for you, I’m just not a fan for my skin.

Eco Tools Mask Remover Sponges

This just seems like the most genius invention ever! I hate taking off mud masks because they are so thick and just seem to cling to my skin ruthlessly. I haven’t used these sponges yet, nor have I ever used a product like this. I typically remove mud masks with a warm face cloth and it works, but I like gimmicky so I’ll totally be testing these out. The package says you can ring these out after you use them and dry them, which means they are reusable! It also states these are a gentle exfoliating sponge which you can use with you regular face wash. There is nothing I love more that a multi-purpose beauty product. I have a feeling I will love these! I did check the price because I was curious if this was a full sized product and the sponges are the actual size you would receive in a full sized package, but the full sized does come with 3 sponges for $3.97 at Walmart.

Wally’s Natural Organic Body Oil

This sample comes in a tube very similar to perfume testers. It looks like a tiny amount of product but being that oil goes a pretty long way, maybe it will stretch. It does say is reduces the appliance of scars, stretch marks and dry skin, I happen to have all 3, so I will give this a try. I do get nervous about oils, being that I already have oily skin but I am going to use this as a spot treatment on my scars and see if the discoloration goes away.

Schwarzkopf Got2B Glued Spiking Glue

This is one of those, no thank you products…. I don’t use spiking glue in my hair so this isn’t the type of product I would get excited about. This is also not something my boyfriend or brother or anyone I know could use so maybe I’ll save it for a giveaway. I will say, it smells good! Quick side story, when I was 14 I had beautiful natural chocolate brown hair down to my waist and I chopped it all off so that my bangs came down to my chin, and the rest of my hair was short spikes. Back then, a product like this would have been so perfect for that grudge-y/punk look I was trying so hard to achieve. I wish I had a picture of my 14 year old rock and roll self to share with you guys, talk about a glow-up.


That is everything I received for the Summer Walmart Beauty Box, I have to say, this box is fan-freaking-tanstic!!! Seriously, this has to be the best Walmart Beauty Box I’ve ever received. Last seasons box was kind of womp-womp, so I am pleasantly surprised with the goodies I got this month! I am really impressed that there were so many products (and such a high value) for a box that is only $5! If you are on the fence of subscribing to a month beauty box like Ipsy or Sephora, this could be a great place for you to start!

Do any of your guys and gals receive these Walmart boxes? Let me know in the comments what products you received this season! I am curious about the Target subscription box too, but they sell out so quickly, and you cannot enroll for a subscription to have it automatically sent to you.

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Walmart Beauty Box: Spring 2017

If you are not familiar with the Walmart Beauty Box, it is a seasonal subscription box for $5. The way this is marketed claims the Subscription Box is free, you just pay for the shipping, so that’s where your $5 goes.

Walmart sends these out every 3 months. Each box is themed around the season. For example in the previous winter box, I revived lotions and chap stick being it was weather appropriate.

This is the Spring Beauty Box I received:

  • John Freida Frizz Ease Conditioner, sample
  • Schwarzkopf Ultra Moisture & Conditioner, samples
  • Biore Baking Soda Facial Cleanser, sample
  • Jergens Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer, sample
  • Palmers Coconut Oil Facial Moisturizer, foil pack
  • Palmers Coconut Oil Facial Oil, sample pack
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation, foil pack

Overall, this isn’t my favorite Walmart Beauty Box.. I guess it’s worth the $5 because each sample would have been around $1 each in the travel section of Walmart. I would just prefer a wider variety. Maybe one makeup product, a hair product, a cleansing product (not 4) and a nail product.

Last month I got 2 of the same moisturizers and 2 of the same lip balms instead of 4 different products sooooo Walmart, you’re kind of killing me. Get it together.

I have high hope for next season! My first Walmart box was great and then they’ve been iffy, so finger crossed for the Summer box!

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